Sunday, 28 May 2017

Successful Rescue : 3 lives saved in a day from a cruel society (Om Shivdham) Chembur

3 small kittens separated from mother cat by society watchman instructed by society people and were thrown in to thrash on main road, leaving it to die with hunger.

On 26th May 2017, Sayonee (daughter of Mrs.Rachna Ghai), the family complaint to Salim Charania about the 3 kittens missing from the society and the mother cat is crying for her kittens. There were no evidence of whereabouts the kittens. It was heard that someone threw the kittens in to thrash, but it could not be found there too.

Salim Charania who is a private investigator by profession reached the society and investigated the cruelty cases,  he met the secretary of the building named Mr. Chand and confirmed the incident and asked him to cooperate with his investigation.

The Secretary cooperated well and the CCTV was scan, the CCTV caught the incident that the watchman of the building named Tavdeh took the kittens from the society and dumped somewhere else, Tavde already left the duty as he was on night duty and his phone was not reachable, as per cctv footage, based on the judgement, Salim traced the location and with Ghai family and secretary the search operation was conducted in Trash area where local people dumps their wastage, within 15 minutes salim found 2 kittens and were rescued sucessfully , the one kitten was still missing, Salim left his contact numbers to neighbors who were garage people and asked him to contact him as soon as they find.


Salim called up Ms.Bimlesh an animal activist in chembur who also fights animal cruelty cases strongly, a team was formed and with Ghai family, The team approached Chembur Police Station and the incident was explained to the duty officer who cooperated well and with the help of cops, the watchman accused was picked up from his home and the statement of the team was taken and the accused too, the accused said that on the instruction of society people he dumped the kittens, Police requires additional investigation, as the society ladies are too involved, the statement was recorded and the fir will be registered as soon as the investigation gets complete.

The chairman of the building was not cooperative at the police station and he was speaking all irrelevant things, he was asked to shut his mouth by Salim and Bimlesh insulting him badly.

It was late midnight at 12:00, when salim and his team was still busy in investigation about the cruelty case, Salim received a call from the garage people that they found the 3rd kitten,  Sailm with his team met them and congratulate them for their efforts.

Finally all the kittens were found and are safe with mother cat, still the cruelty case can be filed under various act , Salim informed and updated the record with police, Soon Police will file case against the accused watchman including society people as per the investigation.

The few society people are involved in illegal activities, informed by neighboring society they will be exposed  and action will be taken if  the complainer will approach Salim for the same.  

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Salim Charania Helped Bhayander(Mumbai) Animal activist to file an Fir Against the Accused (Auto Driver) who fractured the stray dog leg

One brutal incident that occurred on 23/05/2017 in OM JAI AMBEH Apartment in  Bhayander west, Donita Rozario an animal lover in the same society heard a loud cry of dog, and she came out of the building to check on dog, she witnessed the incident that the accused named Shivaji Bamane (Auto Driver) had closed the main gate of the society and was hitting the stray dog with bricks fracturing and injuring the stray dog and leaving it in to immense pain.

Donita tried to stop him, but he was not listening to her and was repeatedly throwing bricks on dogs, when she asked him the reason, he gave the reason that the stray dog was occupying his auto.

Donita then called up Salim and asked his help, salim asked her to hand over the phone to accused, but the accused denied talking to salim, finally he guided her to approach to the police station. 

The Police Station incident: when Donita with Chandrant and other animal lover reached police station latenight at 2, The lady duty police officer misguided them and told them that they should complaint to Mahanagar Pallika and then the Mahanagar Pallika will issue letter to the police station and then they will file the case. It was just like finding an excuse to avoid an FIR. Animal Lover left police station, upsetting them, leaving them hopeless.
Donita Posted the post of animal cruelty on Face Book, where several people tagged Salim,
here is the link

Salim guided Chandrakant to obtain necessary medical evidence and then Salim reached Bhayander west Police Station on 24/05/2017  to help the local animal lover to file an FIR, Salim was quietly sitting in the policestation and was listening and observing to the officers about their way of avoiding the case, finally he just took 2 minutes to make police officer understand the case and the law, The Fir was immediately registered under IPC 429, Maharashtra Police Act 119 and PCA Act Section 11 and the panchnama was carried out at the spot and the accused was identified by police in the society.

The Investigation officer is on duty and he completed taking necessary evidence and the process of statement is still in progress, as soon as the statement is collected, the accused will be arrested.  

The Animal Activist Chandrakant Dhoke, Suzana, Donita Rozario, Amin Surani got the help because they were strong enough to take a stand, Salim was just behind them to give them backup, but the main role and heroism act goes to the activist above. 

We request people to help the animal activist  directly by contacting them and donating them the medical expenses in the form of cash or cheque, the dog is under the care of Donita Rozario (9930814911) & Chandrakant Dhoke (7738301469)

The donation is required not only to the big names of NGO, but also it requires to local animal lover, where they are putting funds from their salary or their savings, I want the donors to focus their donation to the most needy one and should reach to the right people or person, may be the donors are not benefited with 80g Receipt, but your help will reach to its's goal for what it is meant for. 


FIR Copy

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Best Bus Driver get involved in Animal Cruelty: FIR Registered: Bhayander Police Station

An Accused named Manik Patil (Bus Conductor) in Bhayander hit the stray dog with cricket bat and threatened animal lover Mrs. Sandhya Tendulkar several times and abuse her for the same.

The animal cruelty and harassment to her by accused was not tolerable so she gave a call to Salim Charania (President of Pawa India) and explained him about it, the accused was present on the spot after performing animal cruelty, Salim Spoke to him on phone and gave him a warning not to do any cruelty further, the audio recording is available with this post. 
He understood what Salim spoke to him and he agreed to him, he went home and told about the conversation to his family, the family of the accused provoke him and all the members of his family including him went to Sandhaya’s House and started abusing her & her family.

Salim and the complainant decided to teach him a lesson of law, so next day Salim with complainant went to Police Station and met Senior Inspector, and explained about the incident, Senior cops called accused  to the police station,  The verbal arguments took place between Salim and Senior cops as the cops was expressing his personal view on dog’s barking.

The citizen and the authorities must understand that they have to follow law, if there is a protection given to animal by law, so it has to be respected, no one has the right to overrule law and express personal opinion, the beggars on road are hated by most of the people in India, but it does not mean that the beggars should be hit or killed, the law even protects them too, so as animals have their rights to live.

When a police official supports animal hater in front of animal lover, the story does not end it there; the cruelty keeps on increasing, as the animal hater is under impression that the cops had supported them in the police station, so they will support them too in future.  Supporting animal hater gives result in animal cruelty, thus Police is also responsible for the same.
I urge police officials that we and they have to follow the law, personal likes and dislikes should be ignored. 

After long arguments and continuous follow-up, finally the Fir was registered on 12/4/2017, under IPC 506, Maharashtra Police Act 119 and PCA ACT. The Panchnama was carried out and the accused will be arrested soon  

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Never Ever underestimate the power of a Common Man or NGO : Two Accused Arrested with custody : Jogeshwari Police Station

On 23/02/2017, late night, an animal lover named Namrata Shenoy resident of Jogeshwari gave a call to Salim Charania (President of Pawa India), she complaint to Salim that one accused named Mahesh Lanjekar often do cruelty on animals like throwing hot water on animals and hitting animals with bamboo, she witnessed the incident that Mahesh hit the stray dog on the nose very hard, the nose was bleeding, by seeing this Namrata could not tolerate and decided to teach him a lesson of law. She asked Salim to Speak to him and handle the case.

Salim called Mahesh on the phone and tried explaining him, but he handed over the phone to his wife, where his wife was least interested in hearing Salim’s call, and started arguing, Salim made a call to the accused to make them understand of law, but they underestimated him and kept the phone aside without disconnecting and they started their nuisance with Namrata family by trespassing their house, abusing family verbally and physically.

Salim silently recorded the call, where it can be heard that Mahesh is assaulting and abusing, the call record conversation was sent to Namrata and he asked her to visit police station with the recording and also guided her with relevant IPC Section.  At the police station, the duty officer tried convincing both the parties and settled the issue with warning, but it was not stopped, the next day the accused with another accused named Vasant Raut passed vulgar comment on her, She again gave call to Salim and explained the incident, Salim went to Jogeshwari Police Station late night and met Senior Inspector and explained the incident and requested him to register the FIR as per the incident, The police officials were too cooperative and supportive, He called up Salim with Namrata next day and the FIR was Registered against both accused 

1) Mahesh Lanjekar 2) Vasant Raut Under IPC Section 452 (house Trespass), 509 (insulting a modesty of a women) 504 (504. Intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace) 323 (323. Punishment for voluntarily causing hurt) 34 34. (Acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention ) 428, Maharshtra Police Act 119 & PCA Act Section 11 (Animal Cruelty) Jogeshwari Police Station, Mumbai

Both the accused were arrested and sent to custody after investigation with audio recording submitted to police station and the witness statement.

Pawa India respect Namrata and her whole family for taking brave stand, Pawa India wants to convey the message to all the housing societies and the residents of chawl, and Bungalows that animals are innocent, never hurt them, they have got the same feeling like us and when an any animal activist tried to convey the law and awareness, don’t ignore them, listen to them carefully and implement it as per law. Getting offended and underestimating someone is a very poor judgement. 

If the accused family would have understood the Salim’s call and peacefully heard him an implemented the law, then the case would not have registered which resulted in arrest and further court proceedings.


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Brave Act : 8 months Pregnant animal lover named ( Mrs. Mili Khakharia) chased dog killer on foot and caught, Fir filed against the accused with the help of Pawa India Team. (Mulund Police Station)

On 4th April 2016, late evening Mili came out of clinic after routine check-up with her doctor, she and her mother Sarla Khakharia  were happy to see the stray dogs playing in the society, but their happiness couldn’t last for long, they witnessed the sudden brutal incident that the accused named Piyush Hariya with his son sitting next to him entered the society in their car no. MH03 BW 4932, drove the car on the stray dog intentionally, killing the dog on the spot and ran away from the spot hiding it in to his building, the complex BPS Plaza has many buildings which has many turns and way to enter and exit. 

The security people with Mili Family shouted and asked the accused to stop the car, but he ignored and ran away, Mili chased the vehicle and figured out the building named Astha with the help of watchman where he resides, the accused with no fear or guilty went to his flat with his son and was behaving that as if nothing was happened.

Mili asked the security person to call him down, the accused came down, Mili and her mother confronted him, but his behaviour was shocking, he was not guilty conscious or any remorse on his face can be seen, in fact he was smoking and laughing, soon the building people created a mob and started threatening Mili and her mother, to which she strongly replied, the building people were arguing with them that take the dogs to your home, if you are so much worried about it, the accused was laughing and taunting like , it was just a dog, do whatever you want, so the nuisance was continuously going on of the society & accused, Mili even warned them that she will call police and the accused has to face the consequences of law, but they didn’t believe it to her and argued that the police will not come for any animal cruelty cases.

Mili called up police on phone and asked them to reach to the spot, Mili was not feeling well, her BP was high, she was feeling frustrated and angry, she called up Salim Charania President of Pawa India and asked him to help her as she could no longer wait, she needs to rush her again for check-up because of the traumatic incident.  

Salim immediately called up his activist Nisha A Suhanda who is the resident of Mulund, she follows each and every case on facebook and she is also the legal member of Pawa India. Salim put a con call with Mili and Nisha and explained the incident, Salim asked Nisha to rush to the spot and helped her with the legal procedures.

Nisha reached the spot in 10 minutes, and from there she took over the case, the team was formed Mili’s Mom, Mili’s Husband - Pinaki Mukherjee  and Nisha (Pawa India activist) to handle the case, Mili was released from there so that she can go with the check-up again.

Police arrived at the spot and Nisha handled the case very well with the guidance of Salim Charania, he was continuous on phone with her and send her the sample fir copies to file Fir, the accused was handed over to police and the FIR was registered under IPC 429, 279, MVA – 184, Maharashtra Police Act 119 and PCA Act Section 11

The society member came to rescue the accused and was pressurising Nisha to take the case back, Nisha refused it and she gave Salim’s number to speak to him, The society people tried to convince Salim, But Salim did not agree to them and asked Nisha that if one more time, the accused laughed in front of you, slap him hard, rest he will manage. 

Nisha almost spent more than 15 hours on this case from filing FIR till Post Mortem.

Pawa India Salutes the heroes for the bravery act to Mili Khakharia who chased the accused and caught and Nisha (Pawa India Activist) for her intense and powerful help  

Thank you Mulund police Officers   

Mumbai Loksakta Newspaper 

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Law Student (Abhimanyu Nimbalkar) takes law in hand to perform Animal Cruelty

An Animal cruelty video was viral on Whatsapp and Face Book, A sleeping stray dog was hit twice using cricket bat by Abhimanyu Nimbalkar who is a student of Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Law, he shot the Video while hitting it and posted on Snap Chat. 

On 17th March 2017 late evening, Mr. Abhishek Soparkar (Co-founder at YODA - Youth Organisation in Defence of Animals), called up Salim Charania (President of Pawa India, who is also a Private Detective by profession) and informed him about the viral video of animal cruelty and he has obtained necessary details of the accused Abhimanyu Nimbalkar. 

Pawa India & Yoda decided to take action on the accused, so Salim met Abhishek in thane and went to Rabodi Police Station and explained the incident to the police duty officer PSI Mehendra Bamreh about the incident and animal cruelty act, Police immediately called up the accused to the police station and booked him under Maharashtra Police Act 119. Case No.211/17, Police will file charge sheet soon and the accused will be presented to the court. 

Police, Salim & Abhikshek realize the accused the nature of crime, where he confess to the crime and was sorry for the act done.

We are investigating and finding more of his previous offence where he abused animals earlier too, as soon as the evidence are collected, another case will be file soon in the respected jurisdiction, from the source he seems to be repeated habitual offender in animal cruelty.  

We want to stop the fashion of the youth that is happening most of the time, Today's Youth are more interested in collecting credits by doing wrong deeds which are supported by fake friends, They get engage in performing animal cruelty like hitting the helpless animals, Such acts are coward act and not a brave act.

Such people finds the easy way to get famous as performing brave act is difficult for them, so they target defenseless innocent animals.

Wake up Youth and do something brave act which will help people and animals of this country.           

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Physco Animal Abuser Caught and Booked Under Animal Cruelty : FIR Registered : Kurar Police Station

On 4th March 2017, Early morning, the video of a dog abuse was on viral on whats app group, Salim Charania President of Pawa India received a call from his activist Mr. Sanjay Hotkar and informed him about the video and requested him to take action as he knows the details of video with area and the complainant Mr. Umesh Kath. 

Salim started his investigation and collected the facts, in the video the dog is tied up and the accused Rajesh Dharmendra Vishwakarma Urf (Ganni) is hitting the dog with a steel pipe, he was a repeated offender in animal cruelty but was never booked, the video was taken by Mr. Umesh to collect evidence against him, The torture and abuse of dog was going since 2 days. The dog attacked the accused in self defense, the accused Gani was repeatedly hitting the dog with steel pipe, so in self defense the dog attacked the accused.

The accused was with no fear challenging the complainant to shoot the video and he was showing his coward act by hitting the dog. Salim reached Kurar Police Station and met duty officer and senior inspector and explained the case, The police came immediately in action mode and got the accused to the police station. Salim confronted the accused as seen in video, and shamed him for his brutal act. The accused was handed over to police for further course of action on him. 

The FIR was registered under Maharashtra Police Act 119 (Special Lac). This is Mumbai, once again we will not tolerate any brutality towards animals.