Tuesday, 13 September 2016

FIR on vets Dr. Jagdish Patil & Dr. Amol Yamgar of AFWPS for greed and negligence resulting in death of dog


The Thane-based NGO Animal Friends Welfare Public Society (AFWPS) is awarded contracts by Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation to carry out sterilisation of stray dogs. It is now charged with IPC 429, Maharashtra Police Act 119 and PCA Section 11 for negligence resulting in death of a female stray dog. 

Whereas the AWBI and BSPCA recommends keeping stray dogs who undergo sterilisation surgery for 8-10 days for healing and observation, the dog was kept for only 2-3 days and then released without the stitches healing, which then tore open and its intestines fell out and it died painfully on the road due to heavy bleeding.

Accused: Vets Dr. Jagdish Patil & Dr. Amol Yamgar of AFWPS.

Nanda Mahadik (animal activist), Shadab Khan (animal lover) and Salim Charania (president of PAWA India)

The incident begins around 6 pm on 18-09-2015, from this Facebook post. Nanda read this post and went to the sterilisation centre to inquire about the incident, but the female dog was already picked up by the centre staff. The dog was alive and was crying in pain, in a wet cage. There was nobody giving attention to the dog's critical condition. The dog died in half an hour in front of Nanda. She approached Manikpur Police Station, Vasai to lodge a complaint. The police officers accompanied her to the centre for investigation but the centre staff refused to cooperate with Nanda and the police, denying access to the dead body for Post Mortem, giving the excuse that with the permission of their seniors, the body would be handed over the next morning. Nanda and the Police returned.

This was continuously being updated on Facebook by Nanda. Salim read about this and contacted Nanda and decided to investigate the case on ground. Salim reached the police station with Nanda late at night and convinced the police to once again accompany them to recover the body of the dog from the centre. The centre staff initially refused to open the door even to talk and then continued giving the same excuse. Salim argued that the stray dog's body was not owned by the centre, but had to be handed over to authorities for investigation, and after much argument, Panchnama was carried out and the body was sent to BSPCA for post mortem.

Below is the PM report given by BSPCA after few days:

In the meanwhile, Salim was investigating the AFWPS staff and veterinary doctors, and he collected crucial evidence in the form of audio and video recordings which helped strengthen the case.

These recordings were handed over to the investigating Police Officer.

The telephonic conversation shows the negligence of the NGO / centre, including negligence of vets compromising the safety of dogs in post-surgery recovery stage as well as food and stay, to accommodate more dogs for generating more income - for sterilisation surgery they are paid a fixed amount per dog by Municipal Corporation.

The police asked the BSPCA to form a committee to investigate the negligence. The committee gave a report that the death was due to surgery being performed 3-4 days prior to death and that the dog was released on the road earlier than it should have been due to which the dog's stitches opened and its intestines fell out and it died due to bleeding. 

The report also mentions that sterilisation operations should be followed by minimum 8-10 days of post-operative care or until the dog fully recovers if more time is needed.

After a continuous follow-up for one year finally the FIR was registered on 30-07-2016 against the above accused. The Police is going to soon take action, resulting in arrest of the accused, on the basis of the FIR, evidence and witness statements.

The audio recordings show their negligence. The dogs are treated as a commodity to be processed in a factory and not living patients. And upon questioning everyone is passing the blame to others.

For example these statements: 
"Doctor has instructed that the cage of a dog must be emptied on 4th day and new dog must be put in the cage the next day."

"Doctor says to release in 4 days whether or not stitches wound has dried.
Staff cannot take responsibility of dog release (because it is the doctor’s responsibility and orders)"

Dr Amol accepts that responsibility of the fit-to-release check is of all 3 doctors.
But they did not carry out that responsibility.

Dr. Amol says "Daily 20-25 dogs are operated"
But we know that they do not have more than 30 cages, so they would need 200-250 cages if they kept dogs for 8-10 days each. So how can they keep each dog for 8-10 days in these limited number of cages? This indicates that the dogs are released in 2-3 days so that they can operate on more dogs and earn more money putting the stray dog's life at grave risk.

Just think how many dogs would have died so far due to their greed and illegal practice violating protocol set by AWBI and committing crime under Indian Penal Code.

What should be done is that such organisations and vets should have their licenses cancelled and AWBI must de-recognise them. 

We will report this to the Veterinary Council of India including Maharashtra to cancel their vet license and AWBI to ban them completely from animal welfare or any contract related with animals.

Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation is also responsible for giving contracts to such organisations who commit such negligence to earn money from it.

We will also report this incident to them and give our opinion to ban them from contract list and choose correct contractors for sterilisation programmes without compromising quality of medical care of animals. The contract should be given not to the lowest bidder but to the organisation who values animal life more than the budget.


Sunday, 8 May 2016


On 6th May 2016, Salim Charania received a call from Navghar Police Station, reporting the incident of major dog poisoning case and asked him to support the officer for post-mortem process and other help related with the case. Salim reached the spot, Indralok Phase 6, Bhayander east. He observed dog dead bodies lying on ground in presence of Police and the complainer named Mr. Shubhang Sharma, Police asked help for the process of Post-Mortem, so the call was given to Dr. Pradeep Dattatray who is a government veterinarian, Dr. fixed next day for the Pm process. Later at night Salim with Police reached society office to get cctv footage, so with the help of Pill Heights society people, the CCTV footage was obtained. 

One of the person (Name hidden for security purpose) who identified accused gave us the information about the accused present in dog killing seen in CCTV Footage : Accused Name : Shyamlal Badal, resident of RNB Park, Shiv Mandir, Kashibai Chawl, Jesal Park, Bhayander East. Profession : Runs Pig Slaughter Business and give baby pig for sacrifice for ritual practise.   

The fir was registered under IPC 429 and PCA ACT Section 11 

on 7th May 2016, a team was formed leaded by Salim to verify accused details (Team Members - Salim, Shubhang, Rajdeep Desai, Dushyant Singh & Dilip Patel). Mr. Bharat & Mr. Hitesh along with the team helped the Dr. for the Pm process, and started investigation of the accused, the team went to the accused address and verified it, that the house belongs to Shyamlal, once it was confirmed, the team went to the Navghar Police Station and requested senior police to make an immediate arrest to stop further killing, The Senior PI cooperated us and send the police official ASI Dabhade with us to get the accused, we went with police to get him to police station.  

Police was not sure with the first part of cctv footage that the accused seen in CCTV footage is the same person, so police requested us to get eye witness and if possible get more clear cctv evidence. Shyamlal aged 60, and his family member started doing drama that he is not medically fit. Police has given notice to accused to present himself on Monday and asked Pawa India team to get the required details and evidence. 

So on 8th May 2016, Salim with this team managed to obtained another clear cctv footage which is attached in the video and also few eyewitness is ready to come ahead to give statement, We will present on 9th may to Navghar Police Station with eyewitness and evidence so that the arrest can be made at the earliest. 

We also suspect him that he was involved in the recent case few months back in bhayander of mass killing of street dogs. The pattern of killing and sequence matches with the same current case. We request people to identify him that if anyone has seen him in the mass killing and had witness the incident in the bhayander previous case, Please contact Police or Pawa India Team immediately.

Hope the killing is stop now, since the accused is identified. we will update soon.


Thursday, 5 May 2016

Pawa India Filed Fir against Amar Agrawal in Vashi Police Station for abusing Woman : Accused arrested & Sent to Jail .

An Animal lover(Mrs. Gudiya, name changed upon request of animal lover) was feeding the street dogs and the neighbor Amar Agrawal wife objected to her activity and tried to hit the dog by throwing stone and asked them to stop feeding in the area. She claims that the dog pounce on her boy,  Gudiya complaint to Mr. Salim Charania about it, Salim asked Gudiya & her husband to make a conference call to Amar Agrawal wife, so that he can explained about animal cruelty and it’s law for awareness. 

The conference call was in progress and was going smooth to make her understand about the animal laws and the rights of animal lover, and explained her that not to perform animal cruelty again, if he gets complaint again, so the Pawa India Ngo will come and will take action legally in the form of FIR. The call was smoothly ended and  finally she agreed that she will not hit the dog or she will object the activity of animal lover regarding street dogs. The recording for the same is available with Pawa India.

Amar came to know about our call made to her wife, her wife got admitted in hospital due to Blood Pressure, Gudiya thought of showing sympathy and made an attempt to visit his wife, but Amar at hospital was calling to the chairman of the building and started abusing the chairman, Gudiya and her husband by extremely using vulgar bad words, Gudiya left the place hearing & seeing him talking on the phone to someone else, as she is insulted , the recording for the same can be seen in the below attachment. The recording was obtained by Gudiya’s husband from the chairman. 

The recording reached to Salim Charania by Gudiya, hearing the audio, Salim got angry and decided to teach him a good lesson. So Salim with Nicky Chatbar (Acitivist of Pawa India) reached Vashi Police Station on 4th May 2016 with Gudiya family and evidence. Initially police was requesting to take down NC. But Pawa india team Strongly objected to it, and after arguments on law, Finally Police agreed to take down FIR as Per Pawa India arguments and incident.
The Accused Amar Agrawal was called to Vashi Police Station and the recording evidence was played in front of the duty officer.  The Fir is registered under IPC 506 and IPC 509, total amounting Jail term maximum up to 3 years or fine or both,  we believe that when judge will hear the evidence, The judge will do it best to give Justice.

Amar Agrawal was arrested on 4th May 2016 and he is still in Police Custody or Judicial Custody as per current date 5th may 2016.

We will take strict action on cruelty whether it is performed on animal lover or on animals. 


Tuesday, 3 May 2016


On 2nd May 2016, late night,  Salim Charania received a distress call from an animal lover (Mrs. Anju Sharma) resident of Sai Sneha Complex, Ramdev Park, Mira road, she complaint to him that in opposite of her society the water tanker had run over his truck on 2 puppies killing it instantly on the spot. The society people caught hold on him, Salim asked Mrs. Anju to hold him until he reach to the spot, Salim reached spot in 10 minutes, but before he could catch the driver, the driver managed to run away from the spot.

Salim reached the spot and took the custody of cleaner who was present with driver, the owner of the tempo named Nazim intervene and asked salim to let go the matter, and said as it happens daily and it is common, if there was a human my driver would have applied the break, but for animals he did not need to think about it, hearing this, Salim decided that it is must now to teach the driver and its owner a lesson. Lesson of law and punishment. Salim asked the owner of the tempo to come to police station. Salim with eyewitness and with the family of Mrs. Anju  reached Navghar Police station. Salim explained the incident to the duty officer, six policemen were despatched from the police station to the crime scene and the panchnama was conducted.  

Luckily the driver was wondering around society, society people caught hold of him and handed over to Salim and Police, Salim locked the driver inside the Anti Animal Cruelty Van, Later Police took the custody of tempo and driver and arrested him for the same.

Police Official also felt that such driver should be punished and so they gave some special vitamin to the driver. 

The owner of the tempo apologised to Salim and Anju Family, Salim told the owner of the tempo do whatever you want, he will not leave him legally. The Fir is registered under IPC 429, IPC 279 and Motor Vehicle Act 187.

We salute Mrs. Anju Sharma including her husband (Sanjay Sharma) and son (Harshit Sharma) , who stood uptill next morning with Salim to fight against animal cruelty.



Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Pawa India filed Fir against the Woman and Animal Abuser: Non bail able IPC Section : 509, 506 Part 2, Maharashtra Police Act 119

On 25th April 2016, Mrs. Janvi Sharma resident of Harmony Horizon, Thane called up Salim Charania and informed him that she is harassed everyday at night whenever she goes to feed the  street dog, she is verbally abused and gets threat of life from the drunken people of the society on various occasion. One such incident caught on CCTV, Salim and his friend an animal activist Nicky Chatbar decided to teach him the lesson legally 

The incident happened late night on 24th April 2016,  Rohan Darekar an accused in the above case seen in CCTV footage pelting stones at street dog and When Janvi object to his cruelty towards animal, he started abusing her verbally and threaten her that he will kill her too, Janvi Husband Mr. Kiran intervene n settle the issue but the family is regularly harassed everyday by society people, so they decided to take up action and called Salim Charania.

Salim Charania and Nicky Chatbar reached Janvi place, investigated the incident and reached with her to Kasarvadavli Police Station in Thane, and met Senior Inspector and explained about the incident of woman abuse and animal cruelty that took place in her society, After 15 minutes of discussion on IPC Section, The statement of Janvi was taken and the Fir is registered under relevant IPC Section, One of the section Ipc 506 part 2 is non bail able, IPC 509 is for insulting women modesty and Maharashtra Police Act 119 is for Animal Cruelty.  Yaman (Animal Activist) from Kalwa, Thane reached police station to help with the proceedings of Panchnama  The accused will be arrested soon.

After repeated harassment of Janvi, the family finally decided to stand against it. We were able to help the family only because the Janvi family showed Courage and Brave Act.


For more information visit www.pawaindia.org

Thursday, 14 April 2016

This is the Police man named Mukesh Dev allegedly thrashed the dog with a stick and later locked it inside the toilet

Mr. Salim Charania President of Pawa India read the story in the news paper, below is the link to that article



The above article shows that there is no justice yet for dog blinded inside Andheri police colony,  this has upset the animal lover all over the world as it is viral on Facebook and other social media platform. Salim Charania decided to help the dog and investigate the case further with the permission of Bhavin Gathani. 

The Fir was already registered in Andheri Police Station by Bhavin Gathani of NGO Karuna Parivar and the medical treatment, & surgery are taken care by Shirley Menon of SOS. We appreciate both the team for their fast response action.

Salim Charania decided to meet the accused Police Man : Mukesh Dev to council him, He found out that the accused is currently attached to Bhyacala: RTPC Wireless Department, Salim Charania went to meet him in his work place in Bhyacala, but his shift was on wireless Van, so could not meet him, he informed the cruel act of Mukesh Dev to the Senior Police Official named Sunil. As it was must and needed to council him, Salim Charania decided to meet him in Police Quarter where incident took place. 

Salim Charania with his team Nicky Chatbar (Basic Ward president of Congress, Borivali), Aditi Javadekar & Mrs. Parul Sharma reached to his place in Andheri East Police Quarter, and knocked his door, he was ignoring us to come out of the house, when Nicky insisted him and request him that we will just take few minutes of you and would like to council you about the animal cruelty, and if he is facing some issue with the street dog, we can help him out to sterilise the dog and vaccinate it, but he was rude and arrogant, he came out of the house with his shorts not wearing anything on top being knowing that there are ladies volunteer outside his house, he talked to them in indecent manner, humiliated and insulted them and asked them to get out of the complex and shut his door. Being a Public Servant Police man Mukesh Dev does not have manners to speak to Public including a women.

Our mean and purpose was just to educate him and spread awareness regarding animal cruelty to reduce Human and animal Conflicts, but instead of accepting his mistake he became violent and behave indecently with the women, if he can't respect a women how can we expect him to respect animals. 

We strongly believe in Indian Judicial System and it laws, from our private sources with Bhavin Ghatani we came to know that there is an eyewitness to the incident, soon the eyewitness will give statement and the accused will be arrested for the same, The eyewitness named will be hidden for the security purpose. 

Mumbai Police is great and helpful, as we have experienced in the past but because of few cruel police, it brings a bad name to it.    

Monday, 4 April 2016


On Sunday 3rd April 2016, Late night at 2 am, Salim Charania (President of Pawa India) received a distress call from a lady Sapna Goswami an animal lover residing in complex Gaurav excellency, Hatkesh Mira Road East, that she witnessed the brutal incident of a man over driving his vehicle on an stray dog named : BAT MAN, Injuring him badly resulting in broken jaw and hips, and the accused run away in his car from the spot, without bothering about a dog or giving help to a dog to take to the hospital, Salim rushed to the spot and investigated from the building people and managed to get the accused name and phone number. 

The dog was in immense pain and run away and hide in the bushes to near by bushy area, Salim called the accused Asif Adam on his phone number and asked him to come back to the society right now, as Salim knows his complete details now. He came in to the society in another 10 minutes, and parked his car outside society,  his approach towards Salim was rough and was arguing that he did now what ?, Salim immediately rush to his Maruti swift VDI car to get the car key, accused tried to stop Salim, but Salim managed to over power him, finally accused said that he will park his car and promised him that he will not run away.

After scuffle between Salim and accused, he calmed down and asked for apology to him and requested him to let go the case, he asked apology many times but was not interested in searching dog or taking dog to the hospital, as soon as salim realised his intention was not good towards animals, Salim called Kashimira Police Station and asked them to come to the spot as Salim had hold him of his criminal act.   

Seeing this accused called his few friends to overpower him, his friends came immediately to his help and started arguing with salim that he is unnecessary making an issue and asked him to do whatever you want, you want to call police call, we are not afraid, Salim started arguing with them and the heated mode took up on the spot, Still Salim managed to hold the accused until police arrives. 

Police Sub Inspector : Jagtap with few constable arrived in Police Jeep at the spot, Salim narrated the whole incident and explained about the scenario. Police team took the accused in to his custody, Salim with the accused and police reached to the Kashimira Police Station and the FIR is registered under various IPC Section 279, 429 and PCA Act section 11 A.

Police has given summons to the accused to present in police station on 6th April 2016 to take him to the Thane Court and will present him in front of judge for further course of action. 

Once again We Salute Mumbai Police & Kashimira Police Station team to register Salim's FIR without any hassle

Conclusion : Never Ever get afraid of anyone, may be at times, the situation can overpower you but be calm and act smart not to escape but keeping you safe and getting the culprits booked. Collect as much as evidence you can.