Monday, 20 February 2017

Pawa India Filed FIR against the driver who killed 3 puppies under the bus Wheel : Charkop Police Station, Mumbai

3 Puppies killed under the
wheel of Diamond Bus 

on 19th February 2017, late night received a distress and disturbing call to Salim Charania (President Of Pawa India) that 3 puppies were killed under the wheel of Diamond Tourist Bus vehicle No. MH-11- BL- 995, while reversing the bus and the driver of the bus drove away the bus neglecting the killed puppies, one of the Person named Akshay with his friend from the above picture witnessed the incident and went to check the puppies, all the puppies were instantly killed mercilessly, by the time they could catch the driver, the driver run away, Akshay with his friend managed to contact the owner of the bus named Raju and informed him about the incident. Raju got aggressive and told that it's just a stray dog why you are so much concerned and abused him verbally. 

The group of people in the pictured gathered and decided to teach the owner and the driver a lesson, so they called Salim Charania and requested him to file a case against the ruthless driver and the owner of the Diamond Bus Tourist. Salim took the contact number of the owner and called him up and confirmed the incident on the phone and asked him that why he was giving threat to boys, he denied that he did not abuse and he told that he will call in 5 minutes, but Salim did not received the call from the owner of the bus.  
without wasting time, Salim made a conference call to Mr. Bala Iyer who is the best friend of him and also the Pawa India activist  of Charkop area and guided him with the legal steps to file FIR, he reached Charkop Police station with local people  in the above picture. Salim spoke to Police Sub Inspector and explained him the procedure of animal cruelty IPC sections, with Copies of FIR sent on his whatsapp mobile.

Mumbai Police are always smart as before in no time with good coordination and support of Local people of Charkop and the Pawa India activist - Mr. Bala Iyer , the Fir was registered On Mr. Bala Iyer's name as the complainer under IPC Section of 429, IPC 279 and PCA Act Section, where the jail term is up to more than 5 years or fine or both. 

The expenses of ambulance and postmortem were carried out by the local people of Charkop, Shayadri Nagar, Kandivali west.

We salute Police, Pawa India Activist - Bala Iyer and the local people who are brave and worked as a team to fought against animal cruelty. We have zero tolerance for animal cruelty. 

As per information, the same Tourist company ( Diamond) killed puppies under the wheel in the past too. The crime can never be hidden, one day it comes out, The police will arrest the accused at the earliest and the follow up with arrest and court procedure will be looked by Pawa India team and the local people. 

This is Mumbai, We have strong people always with us, whether it's a complainer or the activist and posses quality of NO FEAR.   




Sunday, 19 February 2017

Fir Registered Against Konark Gardens Society People For animal cruelty and abandoning stray dogs : Badlapur East

On 19/2/2017, Nehal Tillu called Salim Charania (President of Pawa India) and informed him about the animal cruelty case in Konark Gardens Society in Badlapur, the female mother dog with her puppies were dumped in to gunny bags and thrown out of the society to unknown location . Mrs. Neha found out the contact details of the society and informed them on phone that get back the puppies and the mother female dog in to the society back again and explained the consequence of legal law and animal cruelty section, She informed society people that bring back the animals by 8 pm, failing to do that, the legal action will be taken, Society did not cooperated with her to reveal the information about the animals and were making fun on their society whatsapp group chat after committing crime of animal cruelty and they were planning to give fake complaints about the dog bite which  they discussed on the chat to avoid legal case on them.

Audio conversation of Salim with local politicians and advocates of Badlapur

Salim made a conference call and gathered Neha (Dombivali Resident) with Ms Mrunmayi Bhave (Badlapur)  and guided them the procedure and steps to handle the case and also send them the necesssary fir copies to them to file fir.

Finally Heroes Comes Together to Fight Against Animal Cruelty  

Neha with her husband Vishal and mother in law Mrs. Anuradha Tillu, Ms Mrunmayi Bhave   Mr. Rushikesh Joshi, Mr. Mrunal Sawant reached Badlapur East police station and give a formal complaint to police, initially the police were not taking complaint seriously but as soon as they know the animal activist is not going to bend down, they started taking complaint seriously.

Salim called to police station landline line no. and asked the police official to help them with the cops backup  to send it to the society for animal rescue and file FIR against the accused.

Police team with animal activist reached the society, the society people gathered more than 180 people and tried to corner the activist and animal lover and were provoking to them with criminal intimidation, they started calling all the ladies and senior citizen to face animal activist, and started verbally abusing animal activist and the complainer Roshni Kotian and  were not showing the puppies and the mother dog location.

Police asked society people to come to police station,  the society people with more than 180 mob reached police station and called local politician, social workers and advocates to support them, The complainer Roshni with family and their friends of the society reached police station. Salim was  continuously connected with animal activist  and were guiding them about the legalities and the process of filing FIR.
The society people and the politicians were pressurizing the animal activist to withdraw the case  and their behavior were too aggressive towards them. Salim guided animal activist that whoever is forcing or pressurizing, asked them to call Salim and speak,  feeling the heat of moment , animal activist gave Salim Charania contact details to them and asked to speak with him and take permission of him to withdraw the case ,  The activist told them that they can't withdraw the case unless n until Salim says.
Salim received multiple calls from local politician and advocates and requested him to give the society people a chance and withdraw the case, Salim denied doing that and asked them to support us for the good cause instead of supporting them. The animal cruelty performed by society people is not tolerable at all and hence the case will be filed, hear the audio recording for more details.

Soon the local politician and supporters of the society understood that there is a fault of society and the crime is committed, hence they calm down and moved back as they know that the animal activist is not going to bend down.
Roshni with no fear, pointed the finger towards the accused and identified them, and 7 people were booked for animal cruelty, their names as follow :

1.Ulhas Dhuri   3. Swapnil Devulgavkar 5. Raviraj lipare
2. Shivaji Patil  4. Brahmanand Lavleh   6. Tejas sangare
            7. Prashant Malkar   

The 7 puppies out of 9 and the mother female dog suddenly appeared in the society back again after registering the fir, 2 puppies are still missing , additional section will be imposed soon on them under relevant section of IPC.

The team work, Brave attitude, Unity of animal lover,  the encouragement and confidence given to them by each other and by Salim Charania  helped the puppies and the mother female dog to go back to the place where they lived, these animals were regularly fed by Roshni and she will continue doing so with no fear, We will always support all the brave activist and will standby them whenever they are needed.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Pawa India Activist and Animal lover filed Fir for Animal Cruelty under the guidance of Salim Charania : Borivali Police Station

where there's a will there's a way........ we should follow this sayings, as this saying comes true in one of the incident.

Mr. Siddhesh Sane who is an animal lover and he follows each and every post of Pawa India on website and on FB  

On 4th February 2017, Salim Charania President of Pawa India, received a phone call at late night from a couple Mr. Siddhesh Sane & Mrs. Anu Sane and complaint about the brutal incident that one accused named Jignesh Vanjara was driving his car MH48 AK3634, Maruti ciaz with his child on his lap on steering wheel and he drove his car on the puppy dog injuring badly. This incident happened at Borivali west, near Sumer Nagar, Kosamgo Nagar chs. Mr.Siddhesh tried to stop him and asked him that what he has done, the accused ignored him and told that he is busy and drove away the car carelessly with still his child on his lap with steering wheel.

Mr. Siddhesh family planned to have dinner with 10 months old baby and go for a ride to enjoy the weekend, but this incident upset them and they decided to cancel their outing and teach the accused a lesson of law, without wasting time, the family took the puppy to Dr. Premal, with the help of neighbor Mr. Kedar  but the puppy died on the way. Salim Spoke to Dr. Premal Darji, on phone and find out the reason of death and requested the vet to issue the medical certificate for the same. 

Salim encouraged the family to take the action and decided to give support to them, He called up his friend who is also the Pawa India activist Nicki Chatbar resident of Borivali and made  a conference call with the family, and guided them about the procedure to file an FIR and also sent the Previous Fir Copies of Salim to them to show it to Police Station to make Fir more easy. 

The Fir was registered under relevant section of IPC and accused was called to police station to verify the incident, soon an investigation officer will be appointed which in turn will lead to arrest and charge sheet.

The accused mother was requesting the complainer to take the case back, but when such request was unheard, she started blaming that the street dog bites and are the nuisance to the society, human life is more important than the animal's life, Our Activist Nicki replied her and fired her about their thoughts and forced Mr. Siddhesh to sign the FIR without letting them go free.  

The family Mr. & Mrs. Sane sacrifice their enjoyment and stood for the right and taught an accused a lesson of law and Mrs. Nicki Chatbar (Activist of Pawa India), did not bother about the late night time and on request of Salim Charania reached Borivali Police Station to help animal lover. Pawa India is proud of such angels. BIG RESPECT AND DESERVES SALUTE. 

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Pawa India Free the chained stray dog from the trap of the society : Society Intention Not Clear but not looking good

On 31st January 2017, late night, Salim Charania President of Pawa India,  received a Phone Call from Mr. Manoj Oswal (Managing Trustee at People for Animals, Pune Unit) about the dog illegally tied up case on terrace of Arvind Nagar Society, Kalina, Santacruz, Mumbai by a Family and asked him to attend the case. Salim got connected with the complainer and the residence of the society Mr. Sheldon Pinto & Mrs. Pronoti Havnur (Member of PFA). He spoke to the family who tied the dog on phone call (Mrs. Narola) and asked to release the dog immediately to the society premises but they were not willing to release the dog.

Dog named Mowgli, History: The dog was returned on 31/1/2017 from IDA through BMC, Vaccinated & sterilized, the dog was picked up one week back by BMC, the complaint was done by a family (Mrs. Narola), As soon as the BMC van was releasing the dog in the society, Mrs. Narola took the custody of dog from the BMC and tied up the dog on the terrace.  

The family says that the dog has bitten their daughter, so they tied up the dog on the terrace, few people from the society also witness that she said that she wants to kill the dog. Salim tried to explain the law on phone and asked them to release the dog immediately but they were stubborn on their decision by not releasing the dog, Please hear the audio clip.

Salim sense and felt that something is wrong, he rushed to the spot with his activist Mr. Rajdeep Desai at 12 Midnight from Vasai to Vakola which is more than 50 km, on the way, Salim received a call from Mr.Kasim Azmi brother of Samajwadi Party MP Abu Azmi, who is the resident of same building  tried convincing him to let them decide the dog fate, Please hear the audio clip.     

Salim reached Vakola Police Station and got the backup of police force from them and reached the society, See the video, the dog is not aggressive at all and it's very friendly, many people of society gathered including Mr.Kasim Azmi and got in to heated argument with Salim and they were not willing to release the dog free and were giving false statement of dog bites from 10 to 100 people biting case, which is absolutely false.  

Salim finally decided to take the dog to the Police Station to show the officer that the dog is not aggressive at all and asked the society people to come to police station. Salim with other animal activist Nishka Havnur, Lyon,Gladis & Anushaka Gonsalves who are also the resident of the same building reached Police Station. 

Salim explained the Police Officer about the animal law and it's rights and showed the dog to the officer. Police got convince with the statement and warned the Mrs.Narola not to tie the dog again and asked her to follow the law, Salim with his team release the dog free again to the society. 

As per video evidence the dog is not harmful to the society, The BMC left the dog after necessary treatment to the dog, No one is above the law, any individual or group can't pickup the stray dog and decide the fate of it. 

The family gives multiple statement, sometimes they say that they want to adopt the dog and sometimes they say that they want to send the dog to the shelter, which is not believable as the dog has chased their child, who will adopt such dog or spend money on dogs to send it to shelter. As  their multiple statements did not convince Salim, so the case is attended and the dog was released from their confinement which was chained on terrace of the society.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Shocking : Mrs. Riddhi Niratle wife of a VET Dr. Vikram Niratle abandoned Stray puppies & left it to die: FIR REGISTERED (Navghar Police Station, Bhayander, Mumbai)

Our timely intervention helped us in rescuing all puppies, currently the puppies are with the mother dog in the society.

The family home's run on the money earn by her husband Dr. Vikram Niratle (an animal doctor) 

The vet profession & motherhood was disrespected and humiliated by abandoning stray puppies and left it to die  

on 3rd January 2017, at 6 pm Salim Charania president of Pawa India, received multiple calls from an animal lover Mrs. Sangeeta Shetty and Mr. Rajesh Dubey, they complaint to him about one lady named Mrs. Riddhi Vikram Niratle from the society Akshita Building, RNP Park, Bhayander East, had abandoned 6 stray puppies in to gunny bag with the help of watchman named Bahadur, Mrs. Riddhi Niratle directed watchman to get all the puppies in to gunny bag and she took the gunny bag with filled of 6 stray puppies on one another and left the society using her motor cycle and abandoned them to unknown place.

Salim rushed to the spot from Vasai to the society in Bhayander east and with the help of police and animal lover mentioned above with little enquiry with the accused and mentioning about the law & the act of crime, we were successful in rescuing all the puppies safe.

The mother dog is happy to get all the puppies back, the puppies were too hungry, watch the video above, the puppies were trapped in gunny bag for hours and were suffocating, anything bad could have happened, if were not in time. God is great.

We approached Navghar Police Station and speak to Senior Inspector PI Shrikant Padule, He helped us and cooperated as always, with no time, he asked the police official to register FIR immediately and take action on the accused i.e, Mrs. Riddhi Niratle & watchman Bahadur. We salute him for his immediate response. Mumbai Police is animal friendly as per our experience with them. 

The FIR is registered under section Maharastra Police act 119 and PCA ACT Section 11 (A)(I). The investigation officer will conduct enquiry and will take action on the accused soon. 

DNA NEWS - 05/01/2017


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

FIR Register under IPC 354, 509 & 506 on Animal Hater for abusing animal lover : Navghar Police Station (Bhayander)

On 12th August 2016, late night, A brave animal lover Ms. Chandni Ganesh Kamath who is an Air Hostess by profession & resident of Swarnadeep Society Old Golden Nest, Bhayander was feeding street dogs under her building premises, all of sudden a person named Karan Mishra in aggressive manner came towards her with an Iron rod in his hand and was about to hit on head to one of the stray dog, but luckily with good presents of mind, she block the iron rod from him by holding it firmly causing an intense pain to her hand, she was successfully in saving a life of a dog from the brutal force of an iron rod. She struggled & fought with Karan but he was not ready to give up easily, he verbally abused her by giving bad words by using vulgar language and threatened her to kill her and dog, Chandni snatched the iron rod from him and managed to take away from him. The accused was behaving weird, as if some ghost entered in to his body, he was hitting his chest and was clapping and was saying today I will finish the matter. 

   She called up Salim Charania on phone and informed about the incident, He advised her to call control room on 103 and asked her to reach police station, Salim also reached police station in 15 minutes, The accused was brought to the police station by police team, the whole society as usual in every case gathered at police station to take objection on feeding of animals. 

This society is well known for animal haters, the same society secretary named Agrawal and watchman was booked for animal cruelty few months back by Salim Charania, resulting in to arrest. 

The Senior Police officer was not present in Police Station, after an argument with the present duty officer police to register FIR, the duty officer said the FIR can be only registered after the permission of Senior Police. Salim drafted 3 pages complaint letter signed by Chandni Kamath marking to Navghar Police Station and Superintendent of Police, Thane Rural and left the Police Station with the complainer.

on 27/09/2016 Salim,  Chandni & her mother met Superintendent of Police Dr. Mahesh Patil and explained the incident and the daily torture & harassment to her by society people while feeding dogs,  to which he understood the facts and transferred the case to senior police of Navghar police station to take legal action. Same day we met, Senior Police Mr. Shrikant Padule who was very cooperative  and sent the cops with Salim & Chandni to society to identify the accused and get him to the police station.

The accused run away from the society as soon as he came to know about the arrival of Police, Salim & Chandni, but they managed to get his phone no and other details. Finally the Fir was registered against him under IPC 354 A (1), (4), IPC 509 & IPC 506. he was called next day to police station for further action on him.

We are very thankful to Senior Police MR. Shrikant Padule who always helped us with the animal cruelty and other cases related to women harassment.

The Society people who always thinks that they are in large in numbers and can corner and torture animals & its care taker. Salim would like to tell them that the Majority is not the Authority, come in crowd, shout, it does not mean that society people are right, No one is above law, Pawa India will always legally fight against such society and will win against the evil intention people.

Pawa India finally salutes Ms. Chandni Kamath who was too brave and fought back against coward people and society. Pawa was only able to help her because she was firm and brave in her social activity that is animal welfare. 


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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

FIR on vets Dr. Jagdish Patil & Dr. Amol Yamgar of AFWPS for greed and negligence resulting in death of dog


The Thane-based NGO Animal Friends Welfare Public Society (AFWPS) is awarded contracts by Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation to carry out sterilisation of stray dogs. It is now charged with IPC 429, Maharashtra Police Act 119 and PCA Section 11 for negligence resulting in death of a female stray dog. 

Whereas the AWBI and BSPCA recommends keeping stray dogs who undergo sterilisation surgery for 8-10 days for healing and observation, the dog was kept for only 2-3 days and then released without the stitches healing, which then tore open and its intestines fell out and it died painfully on the road due to heavy bleeding.

Accused: Vets Dr. Jagdish Patil & Dr. Amol Yamgar of AFWPS.

Nanda Mahadik (animal activist), Shadab Khan (animal lover) and Salim Charania (president of PAWA India)

The incident begins around 6 pm on 18-09-2015, from this Facebook post. Nanda read this post and went to the sterilisation centre to inquire about the incident, but the female dog was already picked up by the centre staff. The dog was alive and was crying in pain, in a wet cage. There was nobody giving attention to the dog's critical condition. The dog died in half an hour in front of Nanda. She approached Manikpur Police Station, Vasai to lodge a complaint. The police officers accompanied her to the centre for investigation but the centre staff refused to cooperate with Nanda and the police, denying access to the dead body for Post Mortem, giving the excuse that with the permission of their seniors, the body would be handed over the next morning. Nanda and the Police returned.

This was continuously being updated on Facebook by Nanda. Salim read about this and contacted Nanda and decided to investigate the case on ground. Salim reached the police station with Nanda late at night and convinced the police to once again accompany them to recover the body of the dog from the centre. The centre staff initially refused to open the door even to talk and then continued giving the same excuse. Salim argued that the stray dog's body was not owned by the centre, but had to be handed over to authorities for investigation, and after much argument, Panchnama was carried out and the body was sent to BSPCA for post mortem.

Below is the PM report given by BSPCA after few days:

In the meanwhile, Salim was investigating the AFWPS staff and veterinary doctors, and he collected crucial evidence in the form of audio and video recordings which helped strengthen the case.

These recordings were handed over to the investigating Police Officer.

The telephonic conversation shows the negligence of the NGO / centre, including negligence of vets compromising the safety of dogs in post-surgery recovery stage as well as food and stay, to accommodate more dogs for generating more income - for sterilisation surgery they are paid a fixed amount per dog by Municipal Corporation.

The police asked the BSPCA to form a committee to investigate the negligence. The committee gave a report that the death was due to surgery being performed 3-4 days prior to death and that the dog was released on the road earlier than it should have been due to which the dog's stitches opened and its intestines fell out and it died due to bleeding. 

The report also mentions that sterilisation operations should be followed by minimum 8-10 days of post-operative care or until the dog fully recovers if more time is needed.

After a continuous follow-up for one year finally the FIR was registered on 30-07-2016 against the above accused. The Police is going to soon take action, resulting in arrest of the accused, on the basis of the FIR, evidence and witness statements.

The audio recordings show their negligence. The dogs are treated as a commodity to be processed in a factory and not living patients. And upon questioning everyone is passing the blame to others.

For example these statements: 
"Doctor has instructed that the cage of a dog must be emptied on 4th day and new dog must be put in the cage the next day."

"Doctor says to release in 4 days whether or not stitches wound has dried.
Staff cannot take responsibility of dog release (because it is the doctor’s responsibility and orders)"

Dr Amol accepts that responsibility of the fit-to-release check is of all 3 doctors.
But they did not carry out that responsibility.

Dr. Amol says "Daily 20-25 dogs are operated"
But we know that they do not have more than 30 cages, so they would need 200-250 cages if they kept dogs for 8-10 days each. So how can they keep each dog for 8-10 days in these limited number of cages? This indicates that the dogs are released in 2-3 days so that they can operate on more dogs and earn more money putting the stray dog's life at grave risk.

Just think how many dogs would have died so far due to their greed and illegal practice violating protocol set by AWBI and committing crime under Indian Penal Code.

What should be done is that such organisations and vets should have their licenses cancelled and AWBI must de-recognise them. 

We will report this to the Veterinary Council of India including Maharashtra to cancel their vet license and AWBI to ban them completely from animal welfare or any contract related with animals.

Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation is also responsible for giving contracts to such organisations who commit such negligence to earn money from it.

We will also report this incident to them and give our opinion to ban them from contract list and choose correct contractors for sterilisation programmes without compromising quality of medical care of animals. The contract should be given not to the lowest bidder but to the organisation who values animal life more than the budget.


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