Monday, 7 August 2017

Cruel Woman Booked for Pouring Hot Boiling Water on a Sleeping Stray Dog - Kurla Police Station

On 05/08/2017, Mrs. Shubhangi Ganjave resident of Nehru Nagar in Kurla (Mumbai) light the gas stove and prepared Hot Boiling Water to pour on a stray dog sleeping outside her home.

She poured hot boiling water almost full filled vessel container on a sleeping stray dog, the dog cried in pain too loudly and kept running and howling in pain. This is really a terrible and horrifying incident, can someone punish the dog so brutally that an accused can go ahead to any extent and burn the dog ? We are just imagining that what level she can go to remove her frustration.

if she can remove brutal frustration on an innocent stray dog, what will happen to the family members or the coming daughter in law in her home ?  Will she put her or any other family members on fire, due to frustration. The family should take her to a good doctor for her mental status.

An animal lover who does not wished to be named in this post, called up Salim Charania (Private Detective and President of Pawa India) and informed him about the cruel incident that he witnessed, as per him both the son Sourabh Ganjave  and the mother  Mrs. Shubhangi Ganjave were equally involved in the crime, but later his father confess that her wife was involved in pouring hot water on a dog. 

Salim asked her activist Poonam Talkear to handle this case and booked the accused for the crime committed, she went to Kurla Police Station and complained to the duty officer, the police called up the accused. Salim spoke to the officer and explained the incident to him too, Police cooperated and supported us and booked the accused under Maharashtra Police Act 119, she paid a fine of Rs 2500/ - Salim spoke to the accused husband and took a confession on record. Such evidences will help us in future if the family again gets involve in the crime. 

The purpose of preparing this post is to spread awareness to stop cruelty on animals, and to expose animal abuser of their crime. 

In his total commitment to nonviolence, Gandhi always included the animals, stating, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Service Charge & efforts taken towards attending case are paid by the complainer to our activist. 

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Animal abuser booked under Maharashtra Police Act 119 - Kandivali Police Station.

" Mai Swatantra Nagrik Hu, Aur Mai Billi Ko Mar Sakta Hu "

Meaning -  I am a Free Citizen and I have a rights to hit the cat 

These are the words uttered by the animal abuser - Kamlesh Mehta in Kandivali Police Station. 

On 05/08/2017, Salim Charania (Private Detective) received a call from Mrs. Alka Sagar an animal lover that an uncle Mr. Rao (Cat Feeder) had complained to her about the cat cruelty and she requested Salim to attend the case. Mr. Rao spoke to Salim that his neighbor Mehta is a repeated offender in animal cruelty and whenever the cat passes his door, he used to hit the cat with stick.

Salim immediately called her activist Poonam and guided her with necessary law and action to take towards Mehta. Poonam reached police station with Mr. Rao and the accused was called to police station. Mehta agreed that he hit the cat and was too rude to police and the complainer, Salim spoke to duty officer and the accused was booked under Maharashtra Police Act 119 and landed up paying a fine of Rs 2500. 

He was insisting police officer to call up his society people and take complaints against Mr. Rao too, Mehta was directed to approach court.

Service Charge & efforts taken towards attending case are paid by the complainer to our activist. 

Friday, 4 August 2017

Fir filed against the School Bus Driver of St. Xavier's High School (Bhayander) for Rash Driving & Killing a Stray Dog

What type of education do the school gives to children ?, 

The school bus driver purposely drove the vehicle on stray dog twice, when the front Tyre of the school bus crushed the dog, the people tried to stop him, but in a bit of escape, he drove the back Tyre as well on the dog killing it instantly on the spot. The dog would have survived if he could have tried to stopped the bus, the dog was alive when the front Tyre run over the dog. This brutal incident was witnessed by school children. 

This is brutal education and the school authorities should educate their staff and children too that animal cruelty is a punishable offence. 

The education should not be limit to only school class, but it should be extended to school staff as well.  

On 04/08/2017, A School bus driver of St. Xavier's High School (Bhayander) carrying school children drove rashly and killed the stray dog in Bhayander. Mr. Rupesh Patil an animal lover witnessed the crime and immediately called Salim Charania (Private Detective) and explained him the incident. Mr. Salim immediately asked his activist Poonam Talkear to attend the case and get the accused booked for the crime. Poonam is new to animal cruelty cases but she has got good passion to learn and get the animal abuser bent in front of law.

The school principle met our activist Poonam and Police to let go the case and settle it, but we want to set an example that no one will be left whoever gets in to crime. so at one point School Bus drivers performs cruelty and at the same time he is booked for the crime, here our motto of education passing to children gets complete. 

Salim continuously guided her activist and spoke to police officer too, in no time the FIR was registered under IPC 429, 279 and Maharshtra Police Act 119. The Act says jail term upto 5 years or fine or both. We got full support from Bhayander Police Station as usual. The accused Sawant was taken in to custody for investigation. 

Special Vitamins were served to Driver of the bus by our activist Poonam.




Monday, 31 July 2017


Society People like Chairman, Secretary, committee members, watchman and sweepers runs a jungle law, they think that they can do anything, upon collecting major votes, So they find easy target to impress each other and do animal cruelty, and shows their dominating nature to others to shut them up,  they relocate animals, abuse them, beat them and if they are not satisfied they will kill them, the society people always complaints that there are many dogs and cats in the society, it has become nuisance, but these foolish society people never approach legal authorities for sterilization of animals in the society, they never spend money on society animals for its welfare and also to control population, they adopt easy method of reducing population that is kill them, Car run over, Relocate and many other type of cruelty they do to get rid out of the animals, but will never spend money on them from maintenance for sterilization of animals to control birth and population. 

Once they are caught by us or police they will beg to us to leave them, ask for apology and get afraid to face us or police, they can spend amount to pay advocate fee from society maintenance for bail, case and hearing for animal cruelty, which is misuse of funds & cheating, but they will not spend on animal welfare of the society to reduce population. 

We have our own community of animal welfare, and our people will always fight back with such cruelty. Read and watch the  video of the case of animal cruelty, where we wins at the end. 

On 23/7/2017, Shraddha building, in Versova, Yari road, Mumbai, early morning, the secretary of the building named, Mr. Iqbal Menon ordered the sweeper family to throw the cats and kittens from the building and paid them Rs 1000/-, as per the secretary instruction, The father and his 3 son from sweepers family strike the war against the innocent cats and kittens and performed cruelty, they caught 7 cats brutally by hitting them including 4 kittens, used the gunny plastic bags and dumped it to unknown place, the act of animal cruelty was recorded by the resident of the building Mrs. Nigar Shaikh (mother) & daughter Vasiya Shaikh, the Shaikh family shot the video and tried to stop them, but the sweepers were not interested in hearing them, they also witnessed an incident which could not be captured, one of the sweeper lift the cat by choking cat neck, the neck was hold very tightly, out of fear the cat passed the poop,  and were dragged the cat out of the society in to gunny bag. Shaikh family tried everything, but the sweeper family was rude and arrogant towards the family and didn't paid any attention to them. 

The local activist of Andheri west area gathered and tried hard and took all efforts to get the cats & kittens back, but the society and sweepers were stubborn, the sweepers were asked where are the animals, they each and every time replied don't speak to us, speak to Secretary Iqbal Menon, The activist and the complainer approached police station and asked for help, even police tried contacting secretary, but he always bang the phone of police by saying that it's the society decision, when secretary was called to police station, he replied that he is not well and again disconnected the phone. The attitude of the secretary and the sweepers were as if the animal activist, police and the complainer are selling sim cards to them and they are not interested at all. It  took 6 days from the date of incident but the sweeper or secretary never turned to police station and cooperate with them.

Finally the case was transferred to Salim Charania (Private detective and President of Pawa India) by Shaikh family . Professional fees were paid to him to handle the case, the same fees was used for sterilization of stray dogs and it's welfare by Salim. 

Salim scanned the video evidence and formed a team to handle the case, Team members - Poonam, Amanpreet, Jay, Sanjay, Bimlesh, Jitu, Gazzia, Abban, Shaikh Family (complainer), and few other joins us for moral support : Seema, Reshma, Md Noorani & Savy
The team was led by Salim and named the team as Karma Returns (KR),  and on 28/7/2017,. The KR team went to the spot and met sweepers, the sweepers were not cooperative initially and misbehaved with our female activist. It was must to teach them a lesson that they have to respect animals and it's law. Special vitamins were served to them, and were dragged to police station. 

The KR team went to the police station with the accused and informed the case and it's details to duty officer but the fir was already registered by PAWS against unknown, Just under PCA ACT, we really appreciate the efforts of PAWS, but the section was rs 50 fine, The PAWS, did not asked the police officials to impose another act of IPC 429, which says Jail term up to 5 years or fine or both. Salim requested police officers to add up IPC 429 to which he agreed and we got good cooperation and support from the police officers from senior inspector till constable, all were supportive as if they are animal lover like us. 

Salim trick the Secretary of the building on the phone and asked him to meet him outside police station, he came with his wife, both were senior citizen and were heart patient, but still the secretary committed the crime at this age. He also put the notice board that the pets are not allowed in the society by owner and tenant. We asked secretary to remove the board immediately and the board was removed. The secretary was questioned by duty officer and his details were taken to mention his name on FIR.  

Finally the sweepers opened his mouth and showed us the location, the sweepers dumped the cats and kittens in to large bin area, near God Gift tower, the mother cat picked up the kittens and she found the place in to another society, she was rescued safely from that society and were brought back again to her original location by KR team that is Shraddha Building, another cat was found in the same area upon search.

We are happy that KR team and its supporter rescued 6 cats out of 7, 1 cat is still missing, it's the same cat, who was lifted hard by neck and it's poop pass out in fear. on this facts, IPC 429 will be added, Nirali from PFA is following up the case with police, Police investigation is still on, the next day police came to the society for investigation.

People of animal lover and police requested secretary and sweepers many times during that 6 days period to reveal the location of cats, but they took them lightly and thought that they can't do anything and under estimated them. We were strict with them only for the reason to get the cats back. 

It's really not a matter of rich and poor, just for Rs 1000, these sweepers were cruel to animals, the crime never sees the background of the people or person, whether rich or poor, the crime is crime. 

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Pet Dog Killed By Using Battery Acid by Chotu Verma to take revenge from the family: Fir Registered : Agripada Police Station (Mahalaxmi)

One brutal incident took place on 22/07/2017, around 10:30 pm, an unknown person who was not exactly known at the time of incident, threw acid from the side of the cage, where the prince was kept by a pet parent near their house. The acid was too hard, Prince was severely injured and it was rushed to BSPCA hospital for treatment and admission, two days later on 25/07/2017, Prince parent got a call from BSPCA that their pet dog died due to major acid injury.

The whole family were depressed and were crying, they have adopted this dog from some one, and was with them since 4 months, the prince died at the age of 5 months. They have prepared the cage in the pic on 22/07/2017 to keep prince in the cage for few
hours and the same day the prince was attacked by dangerous acid.  The family had approached police station, but they were asked to get the medical and other evidences, then they approached  PFA NGO (People for animals) Mumbai and spoke to Ms. Niloufer Irani and narrated the incident to her. Upon hearing the case, Niloufer decided that this case requires investigation and the Fir should be registered at the earliest.

On 25/07/2017, Niloufer (PFA) called Salim Charania (private detective and president of Pawa India) and asked him to investigate and handle this case. The expenses and the service charge is paid by PFA to Salim for handling the case.

Salim with his activist Ms. Poonam Talkear went to the spot early morning at 8am, Rangwala building, Dhobi Ghat, Sath Rasta and investigated the crime scene and collected necessary evidences, while investigating the crime scene, it was revealed that a person named Chotu Verma is the prime accused in the crime and he did the act of crime by putting acid on a dog to take revenge from the family, he is also in to many petty business like selling car batteries etc. it was also revealed that the chemical used was actually battery acid, The family was not in good terms with Chotu as he was been involved in cheating, the family had  fought with Chotu Verma few months back, due to which Verma took revenge, thinking that there are no animal laws and he could easily get away with this, he committed the crime,  Chotu is the younger brother of the activist working in BJP.

Salim with Poonam and the family went to the police station, submitted necessary evidence and produced witness, the Fir was immediately registered under IPC 429 and PCA ACT, The act says Jail term up to 5 years or Fine or both. Salim helped police and the family to complete legal procedures of Fir and postmortem. Medical report of PM will be collected by police officials on 28/07/2017.

Police Fast Team Response is acting on this case, and investigating more further in this case, the accused will be arrested soon.  

There are more hints about the accused which were given to police, the witness identity is hidden for safety reasons. The accused was not present at the scene during investigation. 

The accused will deserve punishment for his brutal act soon 

FIR Copy



Friday, 30 June 2017



Two Brave Soldiers (Society Stray Dogs) were murdered by feeding poison in food by a bastard named RAJESH VARMA (Civil Engineer & Contractor in Saloni Construction Company) in the society Krishna Vatika Complex In Dahsir East. He is also well connected to Politicians

Mr. Bhupendra Shelar who is the animal lover and he feeds all the stray dogs in the society, gave a complaint to Salim Charania (president of Pawa India), shelar informed him about the mysterious death of 2 stray dogs in the society, Shelar with the help of police carried out Panchnama and Post Morterm, and the results shows the dogs were poison to death.

Salim went to the society and helped shelar to investigate the case, the CCTV was scanned and the brutual incident caught on tape, Rajesh is found mixing some poiosnous substance in the food, leaving the food in the parking area, the dog ate the food and died next day.
Rajesh was in the radar of suspect, because he has a history of beating stray dogs in the society by big stones and sometimes with bamboo sticks.

He himself kept a Rotwieler Breed dog at his home for his saftey because he is involved in many cheaing case, so if any one comes at his home to do recovery, he scares people by his dog, but he forgot that the stray dogs too protected his society and himself from being getting looted and murdered.

Upon seeing the footage it was must to teach the bastard Rajesh Varma a good lessons, so with Salim and his team members (Nicky, Sanjay, Jay, Amanpreet, Poonam & Savy) confronted him near his society entrance and gave little vitamins to humilate him and a lesson to all the animal abuser that they will not be spare if they harm animals
Police is waiting for the CCTV footage, Shelar will take this case ahead and will submit CCTV footage as an evidence, the Fir will be registered under IPC 429, Maharashtra Police Act 119 and PCA Act Section 11.

Pawa india team salutes society too, they are also against the killing and will take a hard steps and action against the accused Rajesh Varma

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Successful Rescue : 3 lives saved in a day from a cruel society (Om Shivdham) Chembur

3 small kittens separated from mother cat by society watchman instructed by society people and were thrown in to thrash on main road, leaving it to die with hunger.

On 26th May 2017, Sayonee (daughter of Mrs.Rachna Ghai), the family complaint to Salim Charania about the 3 kittens missing from the society and the mother cat is crying for her kittens. There were no evidence of whereabouts the kittens. It was heard that someone threw the kittens in to thrash, but it could not be found there too.

Salim Charania who is a private investigator by profession reached the society and investigated the cruelty cases,  he met the secretary of the building named Mr. Chand and confirmed the incident and asked him to cooperate with his investigation.

The Secretary cooperated well and the CCTV was scan, the CCTV caught the incident that the watchman of the building named Tavdeh took the kittens from the society and dumped somewhere else, Tavde already left the duty as he was on night duty and his phone was not reachable, as per cctv footage, based on the judgement, Salim traced the location and with Ghai family and secretary the search operation was conducted in Trash area where local people dumps their wastage, within 15 minutes salim found 2 kittens and were rescued sucessfully , the one kitten was still missing, Salim left his contact numbers to neighbors who were garage people and asked him to contact him as soon as they find.


Salim called up Ms.Bimlesh an animal activist in chembur who also fights animal cruelty cases strongly, a team was formed and with Ghai family, The team approached Chembur Police Station and the incident was explained to the duty officer who cooperated well and with the help of cops, the watchman accused was picked up from his home and the statement of the team was taken and the accused too, the accused said that on the instruction of society people he dumped the kittens, Police requires additional investigation, as the society ladies are too involved, the statement was recorded and the fir will be registered as soon as the investigation gets complete.

The chairman of the building was not cooperative at the police station and he was speaking all irrelevant things, he was asked to shut his mouth by Salim and Bimlesh insulting him badly.

It was late midnight at 12:00, when salim and his team was still busy in investigation about the cruelty case, Salim received a call from the garage people that they found the 3rd kitten,  Sailm with his team met them and congratulate them for their efforts.

Finally all the kittens were found and are safe with mother cat, still the cruelty case can be filed under various act , Salim informed and updated the record with police, Soon Police will file case against the accused watchman including society people as per the investigation.

The few society people are involved in illegal activities, informed by neighboring society they will be exposed  and action will be taken if  the complainer will approach Salim for the same.