Sunday, 27 April 2014

Housing Society threw out mother dog and 7 puppies at Vasai

Case Report: 
A Housing Society in Vasai instructed the watchman and the sweeper to throw a mother dog and her seven puppies in auto on the highway. The complaint was given to us by Nilesh Bhanage from PAWS. He asked the complainer to contact us at PAWA. Salim investigated the case at the housing society and took video evidence of a sweeper's confession saying that the Chairman and the Secretary instructed him to throw the dogs out of the society. This footage of confession was presented at Vasai Police Station. Initially we faced a complication in filing the FIR. Later on the complaint was given to Mrs. Maneka Gandhi at PFA Delhi. Finally after a long fight with the society and some Police officials, the FIR was registered under IPC Act 428 and the 4 culprits were arrested - the chairman, secretary, watchman and sweeper - for abandoning and relocation of dogs where it is considered as bad as killing the dog due to lack of food, water, shelter and territorial fights with other dogs.

Volunteers involved: Salim


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