Thursday, 10 April 2014

Pig tied for sacrifice at Malvani rescued

Case Report:
The culprits had tied up a healthy pig for illegal slaughter at their residence for what they claim was sacrifical pooja ritual in memory of their forefathers. However, they had bottles of alcohol and fried snacks to celebrate this so-called pooja along with the pig's meat. The 4 culprits were booked under Bombay Police Act 119 and had to pay a fine of Rs. 2500 each at Malvani Police Station. 

We had received this complaint from a nearby resident via People For Animals  Mumbai chief Ambika Hiranandani. The complainer approached PFA first who then routed the call to us as we were doing work in this area already.

Another video from the rescue :

Culprits at Malvani Police Station:

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