Sunday, 27 April 2014

Vile Parle illegal breeding and sale of labradors by slum dwellers

Case Report:
We had been getting many complaints from people around Vile Parle West station as well as from animal welfare NGOs that a female labrador and her 3 pups were being bred for sale illegally. When we investigated, we found that 2 pups were already sold. The mother
and the pup were being kept in unclean surroundings, and the sellers had no breeding license or legal authority to own or sell dogs. They were not even registered with the AWBI. We later found that this illegal breeding and sale was going on for over 3 months at least. We had no other choice but to confiscate the pup and the mother, despite strong and violent opposition from the slum people, thanks in part to the support from PSI Kadam and Senior Inspector Arun Chavan from Santacruz Police Station.

Successful completion:
The mother and her pup were given adequate medical attention and then sent to a paid foster home. The mother was later sterilised and both were adopted at the same farm house.

Volunteers involved: Salim, Zahra and Lata

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