Thursday, 29 May 2014

Balaji Food Court Staff and other local Vendor killed the dog

At about 11:30pm on 28th May 2014, our activist Salim got a call from AWO Shashikant Kotian who also has an ambulance service, that a few people were ruthlessly beating a puppy outside Balaji Food Court Restaurant, Mahavir Nagar, Opp D-Mart, Raj Arcade. 

The people who beat the dog were: Hari Prasad Amin - a staff of Balaji Food Court, Sudarshan Gupta - a vegetable vendor and a watchman, as yet unnamed. Shashikant told us that he and some animal lovers were trying to explain to the three that this is wrong, and why should they hit the dog, and in response, the 3 started behaving like goons with and intimidating the animal lovers and witnesses.

Salim rushed to the spot by 12 midnight and called up the Police on 100. The police promptly responded and the 3 were being taken to Charkop police station, when the vegetable vendor, Sudarshan Gupta, and the watchman managed to escape.

An FIR was lodged (FIR no. 164/14) against the 3 under IPC section 428(maiming or causing injury to an animal), IPC section 34(committing a crime in group with same intention) and PCA section 11 (injuring, beating, kicking animal)
The Balaji Food Court staff is under arrest and the search for the other 2 is in progress, and they will be arrested soon.

We received good cooperation from the Charkop Police.

Meanwhile, another of our volunteers Ankit, together with Shashikant and his ambulance, took the dog to BSPCA Parel - the condition of the dog was very serious - his jaw was torn open and eyes had been beaten out of the sockets. The Police took photographic evidence of the dog's injuries following which Ankit and Shashikant immediately rushed the dog to BSPCA.
The unfortunate end to this story is that we came to know from BSPCA today, that the dog succumbed to his injuries.

FIR : 

Animal Activist : Salim  

Animal Activist : Shashikant and Ankit took the dog to the BSPCA Hospital, Lowe Parel, Mumbai

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  1. Animal cruelty is serious crime...dont let them go scot free


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