Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Cat Cruelty Case - Bandra

We got a complaint from Vivette Patel residing at Bandra, Mumbai, the complaint was forwarded to us by Nilesh Bhanage from (Paws Asia)  that their neighbours (5 boys) keep on harassing her whenever she feeds cats, they were not allowing her to feed cats, they kicked a few cats badly in the stomach some days back and were threatening her to poison the cats if she did not stop feeding them. Vivette brought this to our notice. 

On 4th may 2014, our team went to the spot and called the police on 100 (Case No: W00449633) and took the boys to the police station. Out of these 5 boys, 2 boys came to know about our visit to their place beforehand and ran away and only the other 3 boys were caught . The boys were presented before duty officer PSI Savita Kadam. They were made to sit behind bars for a few hours and strict warning was given to them. Of the 2 boys who ran away, contact nos were given to duty officer, they were called later and warnings were given to them too. Since the cat was ok and not badly injured, they were let go with only warnings and a few hours behind bars. 

Finally we created awareness in their local area that if you hurt animals or stop people from feeding animals, police will be called and you will have to face penalty and punishment.

Volunteers attended - Salim, Zahra, Jayshree, Dev, &  Ankit

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