Saturday, 24 May 2014

Dog attacked in Charkop by Tiwari - IPC 428, PCA Act Sec 11

On 23rd May 2014, at 1 pm in the afternoon, PAWA India activist Salim got a call from an animal lover named Deepa who feeds dogs in Charkop, about a dog who had been hit very badly by a man named Tiwari near Hindustan Naka, Charkop.

She told Salim that the dog was hit badly by Tiwari in the middle of the night, at around 1:30 am. As soon as she came to know of this, she admitted the dog to the animal welfare NGO Ahimsa. However, since the injuries were severe, the dog was later shifted to BSPCA, Parel in an ambulance, where he is still in a serious condition.

Acting immediately, Salim rushed to the spot in Charkop at 2pm, but the culprit could not be found. So Salim called up the police on 100, and registered a complaint with token no. N00389188. The cops came to the spot and looked for Tiwari, but he could not be found. So Salim, Deepa and other animal lovers and dog feeders went to Charkop Police Station. When they met the duty officer, Salim explained the IPC 428 to her, and insisted on an FIR. The FIR would later prove to be of great value. PSI Deshmukh registered an FIR against Tiwari under IPC section 428 (injuring animals) and PCA section 11 (1)(a) (beating, kicking, torturing, causing pain and suffering to animals) - FIR number 157/14 dated 23rd May 2014.

At around 10pm at night, Salim again enquired about whether Tiwari was arrested, only to find from animal lover Yogesh that Tiwari had come with goons attack the animal lovers in the area. Salim rushed to Charkop again and reached in 1 hour, by which time, Tiwari and his goons physically attacked and intimidated the animal lovers who had united to file a complaint against him.

Tiwari even proceeded to go Charkop Police Station to file a false case against Yogesh, an animal lover. Salim reached there too, with other animal lovers, and because Tiwari did not know of the FIR registered against him earlier in the day, he was arrested on the spot.

Salim requested that strict action be taken against Tiwari because of his cruel and illegal behaviour and attempt to misguide the police using a false complaint. The police arrested Tiwari under CrPC 1971, section 151 (1) to prevent Tiwari from committing any more serious offences as he had already seriously injured an animal and attacked animal lovers with goons.

In the meantime, Tiwari called about 15 local political contacts who arrived immediately to prevent his arrest, but since our FIR was already filed in the afternoon, the politicians could not do much.

CrPC 151 will keep Tiwari behind bars for 24 hours after which the original FIR will also apply, and he will be arrested once again under IPC 428 and PCA 11(1)(a). Thus he will be behind bars till Monday, when he can get bail.

Activist involved: Salim.

FIR NO : 157 / 14

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