Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Trapped Dog, Tortoise & Turtle rescued from Bhayander, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

On 18th April 2013, a complaint was received by our activist Mr.Salim Charania aka Sameer  from  Mr. Hemant Panchal, Secretary of Teertha Society CHS Ltd,  Bhayander that a dog was barking in a locked Flat No.501 of their Society.   The flat was locked from the outside and the owner Mr.Aditya had not returned for 8-10 days.  On enquries it emerged that Mr.Aditya was dodging moneylenders and hence had apparently gone away to his hometown in Satara. Sameer reached the spot and summoned the fire brigade.  Mr.Suryakant Shinde and Dhanilal Gavit  from the fire brigade opened the door in the presence of the Managing Committee of the building.
The barking dog was found to be a Pomeranian which was locked inside the bathroom with no food or water.  On inspection of the flat, we found a pond turtle and star tortoise inside the flat.   The owner of the flat had locked up his pets in a flat without electricity, food or water.  He did not give a second thought to the welfare of his pets and subjected them to immense cruelty and suffering.  While the turtle & tortoise could have survived for some time without food or water,  the dog would have definitely died had it not been rescued in time.  
The animals were taken for fostering by Sameer as they needed medical attention, food and lots of TLC to recover from their traumatic experience.   He has given an letter of undertaking to the Society as well as the Fire Brigade that he will ensure the animals have a good home and are cared for properly.  The owner of the animals  has not bothered to contact us or find out the well being of his pets.  While the turtle has been released in an artificial pond where he has adequate water to swim and frolic, the tortoise is in foster care and the Pomeranian dog has been given a forever home by Sameer.  
!!! All’s Well that Ends Well, thanks to the efforts of PAWA and its activists !!!.

Animal Activist - Salim 
Turtles and tortoise are sent to rehabilitation by Mrs. Jayshree Pai. File Picture above 

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  1. hello
    i have files a case against the person who crushed a puppy by his car in my society i am living in bopal ,ahmedabad ,guyarat
    my number is 9099684496
    i had phoned to control rm and local police stn but they didn't came
    final i went th police stn and files a nc pi told that they will come and look in to the matter but not filed a fir .i have taken some photografs at that incident with that guy
    his name ravi


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