Monday, 30 June 2014

Dharavi Police Station has first time register the Animal Cruelty Case in Life

Dog Brutalisation Case at Dharavi : FIR u/s.428 of IPC registered against the perpetrator.

A complaint was received from Ms.Harshala, a Dharavi resident on 25th June 2014 that a person named Milind has hit a dog very badly that the dog was limping and yelping in pain.  The team went to the spot at 11 pm in the night and found that the dog was in severe pain.  We called up police and the culprit Milind was taken to the police station.  The police asked us to write an application and said that they would investigate the case.  However we did not agree to this and after a lot of arguments with the duty officer, he agreed to take the statement of eye witness.  When the Senior PI arrived, we were told that now that the statement was taken, they would investigate and we were asked to leave.  However, we stood our ground and said that we would not leave until an FIR was registered.  Since Dharavi has a population of 20 lakhs which is covered by the police station, the police have their hands full and hence they were not interested in animal protection.  Also the police were unaware of the animal laws and said that never before has a case under IPC section 428 been registered for animal related case.  The Senior PI also stated that he was not convinced that the dog was seriously injured even after medical certificate from IDA was shown to him.  He said he would be convinced only after talking to the Veterinary Doctor.  We, therefore, suggested that we would take the dog and a police officer to BSPCA in a police van and get the opinion of the vets at the BSPCA.  The dog was accordingly taken to the BSPCA and got certificate from the Radiology Dept that the hind leg of the dog had been fractured.  However even after getting the necessary certificate the Sr.PI was unwilling to register the FIR.  After a log of argument and counter-arguments the FIR was finally registered.  The entire process took nearly 8 hours to complete viz. from 11 pm of one day to 8 am the next day.

Our team :  Salim, Zahra, Dev, Reshma, Bimlesh, and Pradeep

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