Monday, 9 June 2014

From hell to heaven

We had received several complaints about a labrador being tied up near a garden near King's Circle railway station for long periods of time - 10 to 12 hours at a time, sometimes near a public toilet. The complaints also mentioned that the chain used was strong and very short, thus cramping the dog. The condition of the dog was poor, with ticks all over and in dirt in the slums.

Our team of Salim and Zahra did some investigation and found that the lab was being raised only for breeding. This was consistent with one specific complaint we had got - we need to confirm complaints because it has happened in the past that complainants give us incorrect or incomplete information.

Slum dwellers were taking care of the dog because the legal owner did not even want to take that much trouble. But since this owner has no breeding license, he has no right to indulge in this activity.

Salim and Zahra confiscated the dog with the help of the Police. They managed to convince the police to tell the owner to give up the dog willingly to PAWA for adoption and for its well-being. This is mainly because under PCA Section 11 (1) (e) (f) (g) and (h), if the owner of an animal causes it suffering due to negligence or poor treatment, he is equally guilty as one who commits cruelty on an animal. If knowingly, even worse.

The dog was then handed over to a very loving family who takes good care of animals and will later be adopted.

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