Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Staff of Veterinary (Animal Medical) College hit the dog, goregoan

The staff of LPT ward at Goregoan Western Express Highway Veterinary (Animal Medical) College named Suryakant Nandgaonkar hit the dog many times since 4 years. It was reported to us by one of the student studying in the college. We reached the spot on the day when he hit the dog with a stick twice on its legs. A student of the college had warned him several times but he did not listen. We have given a very strict warning to him, and told him that if we get one more complaint, we will put you behind bars under IPC Act and PCA Act. He finally apologise to us for his cruel acts and promised to us that he will not hit the dog again. One of my friends has also reported to the head in-charge of the medical college about him.

Case Attended by Salim and Zahra

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