Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Best Bus Driver Held for Rash Driving and Killing Stray Dog

PAWA INDIA received a complain on 03/07/2014  from Animal volunteer Christina, in Dahsir, Mumbai about the death of a dog by an accident that was caused by BEST bus no MH01 L8840 ' '. Our PAWA INDIA Animal Activist - Salim instantly took the complain and reached the spot in 15 minutes where the dead body of dog was lying and the culprit bus driver was in the empty bus suppose to leave from the depot for its journey. As per law, Salim Charania called the police,  and helped the police in doing Panchnama, and gave the body in BSPCA for post-mortem where it was freezed as it was received at night. Local witness , we got the fact that the driver was negligent and rash in its driving and took a sharp left turn where the dog was there who was then entangled in the back wheel and died on the spot.The driver was driving in a rash way by keeping everyone's life at risk. After the post-mortem medical reports and good cooperation from police , the driver was booked under IPC section 279 and 428 and an FIR was registered with number 172/14. As this is the first time when a government employee and best  driver was arrested for killing animals which proves that in front laws everyone are equal and laws needs to be followed. Local family who use to feed the dog were mourning on his death but finally with the great support of Christina, Dylan, Salim Charania ,local witness and police officers PAWA successfully cracked the case and set an example of the seriousness of Animal laws in India. 

Thanks To Mr. Bharat for Sponsoring the ambulance to BSPCA  

Our Team - Salim, Christinia & Dylan


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  1. Respected Sir,

    I want to highlight a clear case of rash driving by the below vehicle on 26/09/2015 at senapati bapat rd,pune.

    Car: Indica vista
    Color: White
    Number : MH20 BN 9808
    Time : 09:35 PM

    The driver almost cut 3 bike riders from left including myself n we were almost down but managed to get balance.

    When requested to drive with care the driver was abusive. Later, we realized he was drunk since he was smelling foul with alcohol odor.

    Kindly suspend the licence of such driver since he could be responsible for many fatalities on the road.

    The same was informed yesterday itself to local authorities but this was something even the RTO team should be informed, hence I have dropped the mail.

    Yours faithfully,
    Tanveer Jamadar


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