Saturday, 5 July 2014

Calf Rescue Operation at Prabhadevi

Calf Rescue 

Ms. Sneha pujari complained to Gargi gogoi regarding the pathetic condition of one female calf which was lying on the footpath of New Prabhadevi road in Dadar. Ultimately , the complaint was forwarded to the President of Peace For Animals Welfare Association (PAWA INDIA) Pawa India Rescue Member Lata Parmar with complainer Sneha Pujari attended the case on 7/4/2014 around noon 1 o’clock. After seeing the poor condition of the calf, our PAWA member interrogated with the cattle shed owner and the lady who owned the calf. After furious and heated arguments, they said that the mother cow is missing since the birth of the child and showed the probability of getting stolen. They said they were giving treatment to the calf but did not showed any medical proof or certificate which increased our suspicion. As Salim charania spoke to the owner who himself works in “go-raksha” activity confessed the truth that they could not afford the treatment of the calf so we had to confiscate the calf. With a good support and team work of animal-lovers - Pooja sakpal from YODA, Gargi Gogoi, Kusum Aunty , Salim charania, Rajdeep Desia, sneha and Lata Parmar rescued the calf and took the calf to “Sakwar And Bhaliwali Pashu Ashram” in sakwar village a remote village near virar. We reached there by 4 evening and immediately Doctors team was ready after good co-ordination of all animal-lovers. According to Doctor, the calf was suffering from Dehydration, extreme weakness due to lack of feeding milk, tumour and many wounds. The doctors team fed him with foster milk, applied cream and placed her properly. After completing formalitites, our Team left with smiling face after 5 hours operation, to see the calf receiving good care and treatment on-time under vets. Still our team will be in-touch with the vets to get the updates about the calf and we hope she gets well soon. We would like to appreciate timely help of Sneha pujari, YODA for ambulance, Kusum Aunty and Gargi gogoi for arranging the vet team for the treatment. PAWA and other animal lover successfully placed the calf under protection and proper care. 

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