Thursday, 24 July 2014



On the night of 22nd July 2014 when the President of PAWA India Salim Charania was returning to his residence after attending cruelty cases at Charkop, Santacruz and Worli, he noticed an injured dog near GCC Club at Mira Road.  He parked his bike and administered first aid to the dog. Thereafter just as he was feeding a few other other dogs on the road side, a Blue Maruti Car No. MH01 T 9819 came down the road at full speed and knocked down one of the dogs.  The car was at such high speed that the dog was tossed in the air and it fell on the other side of the road. The car did not stop despite Salim shouting for him to stop.  Salim then chased the car on his bike and stopped him after a short distance.  On being asked whether he had not seen the dog and why he did not stop after hitting the dog, the driver who was drunk started arguing that it was just a dog and that the dog had not died and that it was none of anybody's business etc.  Salim then caught hold of the driver (later identified as Mukesh) by the hand and called the KashiMira Police Station. The police van arrived very quickly and the culprit was taken to the KashiMira Police Station.  Salim explained the situation to the Duty Officer B.R. Patil and requested that FIR be filed.  The culprit started apologizind profusely and requested Salim to let him go.  However Salim insisted that the FIR be filed.  The Duty Officer understood the facts of the case and filed an FIR no 249/14 :  u/s. 279 & 428 of the IPC, u/s.11(a) of PCA Act and u/s.184 of Motor Vehicle Act.  The culprit was arrested and put behind bars.  Subsequently his family approached Salim with a request to withdraw the case.  However the case has not been withdrawn because if the culprit is let off easily, he would not learn a lesson.  Also the case would serve as a lesson to everyone that harming animals by reckless and rash driving and careless behaviour is a punishable offence.  In addition the driver was drunk driving which by itself is a crime and also serious threat to pedestrians. 

We are thankful to the police personnel posted at KashiMira Police Station for their humane approach and co-operation in invoking the correct provision of the laws in booking the animal abuser. 

Note: The dog was brutally tossed in the air,  It is showing a slight limp which was treated by a vet brought to the spot by Salim.  

Animal Activist - Salim 

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