Wednesday, 16 July 2014

German Shepherd Dog Rescued From Cruel Owner

In the afternoon of 11th July 2014, Pawa India Activist  Salim Charania received a call from Ms.Christina Lobo Jha that a pure bred German Shepherd dog was tied up to a tree on the road near Thakur Mall at Dahisar and that the dog was in poor condition with a wound on its hind leg. Salim reached the spot with activist Dylan and found that the dog was kept in horrible condition in the rain with barely any protection.  Also there was only bread in his food bowl which was covered with flies and the water kept for him was also very unclean.  The wound on the hind leg was also found to be maggot infested.

When the owner was questioned, he tried to get away by saying that he had been out of Mumbai and that is why the dog remained untreated and developed an infection. However he could not provide any answer as why the dog was housed in such pathetic condition on an open road.  The activists asked him to hand over possession of the dog so that it could be rehomed in conditions suitable for a dog of its breed.  The owner was unwilling to hand over the dog and argued a lot.  However when it was explained to him that he could be prosecuted for mistreating and neglecting the dog, he agreed to hand over the dog for adoption.

The dog was taken into custody by the activists alongwith a signed declaration from the owner that he has handed over the dog voluntarily to the activists.  The dog has since been handed over to YODA - Priya & Pooja for treatment and adoption.

This rescue operation was conducted by the activists without seeking help from the police.

This Cause is supported by Salim, Dylan, Christinia, Pooja Bhandari, Pooja Sakpal & Priya

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