Monday, 4 August 2014

Cruelty to Pet Dog - Confiscation & Rehoming

A complaint was forwarded to PAWA INDIA by Shri Anand Siva, that a pet dog was permanently kept in tied condition in a small cage at Vile Parle East near the Milan Subway.  The complaint was given by Ms.Anannya, a local.    Salim and Zahra visited the location on 22nd July 2014 and found that the dog was tied up by a small chain in a cage which was exposed to rain 24x7 with no food and water.  They explained to the owner (Shri Shetty) that  this amounts to cruelty both on humanitarian and legal grounds.  However despite the counselling and warning no improvement was noticed and the dog continued to be kept in the same condition.  Therefore the only option left to provide relief to the dog was to remove it from the abusive owner and rehome it.  Salim and Zahra visited the location once again on 3rd August and asked the owner to hand over the dog for rehoming.  When the owner refused to hand over the dog, the police were summoned and the dog was confiscated.  The dog has been sent to a temporary foster home and steps to get it adopted have been initiated.
We feel elated that we are able to provide relief to animals on the same lines as is being done in western countries. 
Team :  Salim & Zahra

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