Thursday, 7 August 2014


Our activist Salim received a complaint from an animal lover (who has requested anonymity for security reasons) that 4 rabbits were being kept in miserable condition in a bungalow at Mira Road.  She had lodged a complaint with a well known NGO.  Activists from the NGO had visited the place and issued a warning to the owners.  However there was no improvement in the situation and the rabbits continued to be kept in the same environment.  The complainant contacted Ms.Christina Lobo-Jha and some other animal activists who directed her to PAWA India.  On receipt of the complaint Salim and Manisha visited the bungalow and were horrified to see the inhuman condition in which the rabbits were living.   They were kept in a cage which had no soft flooring and no food or water.  A few rotten bananas covered by flies were kept in another place as food for the rabbits.  The rabbits were malnourished and their bones could be felt when they were picked up. 

This was brought to the notice of the family and they were told that in view of the cruelty meted out by them to the poor helpless dumb animals and their inability to provide  proper care to the rabbits, they were ineligible to keep the rabbits any longer.  The rabbits were confiscated and handed over to YODA who are currently treating and fostering them until they are well enough to be given in adoption to families who will give them the love and care they deserve.

Team :  Manisha and Salim  

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