Friday, 22 August 2014


Our President Salim Charania received a complaint from a lady called Ms.Gauri Marathe residing at Abhinav Road No.6, Borivali East that their pet female labrador named Chinki had been run over and killed on 19th May 2014 by their neighbour Mr.Prasan Varkeh.  

The Marathe family visited Salim's residence on 16th August 2014 and provided the following facts :

(a)  The Marathe family had a 7 year old pet female labrador named Chinki who was being walked on a leash at 11.45 pm on 19th May 2014 inside their colony.  Ms.Gauri was accompanied by her sister and mother at that time.

(b)  A car No. MH-02-BZ-5310 driven by Prasan Varkeh came speeding and knocked the dog down.  The dog was thrown at a little distance.  Instead of stopping the car, the culprit hit the dog again and again and finally ran over the dog who died on the spot.  Seeing this Ms.Gauri's sister fainted and remained unconscious for over 2 hours. 

(c)  When Mr.Marathe went to the cuplrit's house to demand an explanation, he was replied ith a sneering smile.   

(d)  The Marathi family approached the Dahisar East Police station and apprised the Duty Officer PSI Shingade about the incident.  A constable was sent to the culprit's residence and he was summoned to the police station.  However the PSI refused to heed the request of Mr.Marathe to register FIR on grounds of animal cruelty and only registered a FIR u/s.184 of the Motor Vehicle Act viz. driving dangerously.   The culprit was allowed to leave and while leaving he smiled tauntingly at the Marathe family. 

(e)  Chinki was buried by the Marathe family who continued to visit the police station in pursuit of justice for their pet dog.  But their pleas went unheard and in desperation Mr.Marathe sent complaint letters (a) Maharashtra Home Minister Mr.R.R. Patil,  (b) Police Commissioner  (c) Dy.Police Commissioner  (d)  PETA India at their Lokhandwala address  (e)  AWBI Chennai and  (f)  Ms.Maneka Gandhi. 

(f)  When none of his complaints were responded, Mr.Marathe personally went to BSPCA Parel and spoke to Mr.Kadam about the incident.  Mr.Kadam told Mr.Marathe that he should trust the police in the matter.   He also said that since there was no post-mortem report, the SPCA could do nothing in the matter and asked Mr. Marathe to approach PETA for help. 

The Marathe family received no assistance or justice from any of the authorities or animal welfare agencies until Mr.Marathe read a news item in the paper regarding BEST driver being arrrested on basis of complaint registered by PAWA for running over a dog.   They searched the Internet and managed to obtain the contact details of PAWA and Salim from there. 

Salim visited the Dahisar East Police station on 19th August 2014 and met the Senior Police Inspector.  He apprised the Sr.PI of the negligent attitude of Duty Officer PSI Shingade and requested a meeting with PSI Shingade.  The Sr PI informed Salim that PSI Shingade had been transferred to Amravati.  However Salim insisted that FIR should be registered u/s.428 and 270 of the IPC and u/s.11(1)(a) of the PCA Act and when Salim produced copies of FIRs filed by PAWA in similar cases, the FIR was finally registered under the above sections.   The culprit will be arrested soon for the heinous crime committed by him. 

Kudos to the Marathe family for their persistence and not having a "Let It Go. There are too may hurdles" attitude. 

Lessons learnt :  (a) If the animal lover / pet parent makes up his mind to fight for justice, no animal abuser can go scot free ever.
                            (b) FIR can be registered even after lapse of considerable time. 
                            (b) Where there is a Will, there is a Way.
Team              :  Salim Charania, Mr.Narendra Marathe and Ms.Gauri Marathe

Sections         :  428 of IPC                 -  Mischief by killing or maiming animal
                            279 of IPC          -        Rash driving or riding on a public way
                            11(1)(a) of PCA  -     Beating, kicking, over-riding, over-driving, over-loading,                                                                   torturing, causing unnecessary pain or 
                                                          suffering to any animal  
                             184 of MVA              -  Driving dangerously   (already registered on 19/05/2014)

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