Friday, 8 August 2014


Our activist Salim Charania received a complaint on 6th February 2014, from the residents of Om Vrindavan Society at Andheri East that they had seen a resident of their building strangulate a stray dog named Tipu with a rope and then carry the body away in a gunny bag.     Tipu was resident in the society compound ever since he was a 4 month old puppy and was being fed by and cared for by the residents of the society.

The incident was witnessed by one Mr.Deepak Salvi and several children playing below the building. They said that the man (Umesh Makwana) had tightened the rope around the dog while it was yelping and struggling to free itself.  Once it stopped moving, he put the dog in a gunny bag and took it away.

Salim reached the venue and accompanied by the witnesses went to Andheri East Police Station to file a FIR.   The accused were summoned to the police station and detained for a night for interrogation.  The accused denied the allegation and the police noted down the statements of the complainants, the witness and the accused was released next day evening. The police personnel were not proactive in pursing the investigation  and it was only after vigorous follow with the Asst.Commisioner of Police that a FIR was registered on 14th March 2014.  However despite the FIR, the accused were not arrested on one plea or the other.  An RTI application filed in the matter was replied that investigations were still in progress.  

Good news, however, came on 6th August 2014 (6 months after the incident) in the form of a phonecall from the Andheri East Police Station that the accused Umesh Makwana and his brother Vinod Makwana have been arrested for the crime and since they failed to post bail, they have been sent to Arthur Road Jail. 

In view of the absence of the dead body, the basis of the case will be the statement of the eyewitness Mr.Deepak Salvi. 

Sections used  : Section IPC 428 for killing an Animal, IPC 34 Crime committed in a group & PCA ACT Section 11
Activists              : Salim, Lata & Zahra

FIR Copy

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