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FIR FILED U/S.428 AND 279 OF IPC, U/S.184 OF MVA & 11(1)(A) OF PCA

Our President received a call on 21/06/2014 from Mr.Bhupesh who is a Committee Member of Jivadaya Foundation, an NGO who works for welfare of animals that 2 one month old puppies had been crushed under a tempo at B.P.Road, Behind Saibaba Hospital at Bhayander at 6.00 P.M.  Mr.Bhupesh requested help for action to be taken against the tempo driver.

Salim immediately rushed to the spot and traced the tempo which, after killing the puppies, had gone to some other location for loading / unloading goods.   The location was an industrial area occupied by steel and other hardware units.

When Salim was questioning the driver of the tempo Sujit regarding the incident, the tempo owner arrived at the scene and asked Salim to stop the investigation.  When Salim refused to comply, he called up his contacts and soon the Nagar Sevak and other  local goons arrived at the spot and a heated argument ensued wherein they said that they would not allow any action to be taken against the driver.   In the meanwhile, fearing that the situation was turning ugly,  Mr.Bhupesh who was the complainant did not cooperated and asked me to go home and leave the case. I was left alone to face the animal abusers single-handedly.  However, police personnel from Navghar Police Station, who had been summoned by Salim arrived at the scene.  But  they were reluctant to take the driver to the police station.  However, when Salim cautioned them that he had summoned them by calling on the landline at the police station and that they were duty bound to take action, the police constable who had arrived  took the tempo driver to the police station.  

At the police station, Mr.Bhupesh's presence was required to lodge the FIR.  However despite several calls by Salim, he did not come to the Police Station.  On the contrary he did an about-turn and said that he did not want to be either complainant or eye-witness in the case and requested Salim not to file the FIR.  The reason given by him for backing off was that the area was his regular commute since he worked there and, hence he did not want to risk himself by getting into confrontation with the animal abusers who were aggressive individuals.

Salim met the Senior Inspector and explained the situation to him and requested him to accept the complaint in his own name.  The local politician tried his level best to ensure that FIR was not filed.  However the Senior Inspector was very co-operative and finally an FIR u/s.428 and 279 of IPC, 184 of MVA and 11(1)(a) of PCA was registered.  The culprit has been registered and arrested and the vehicle is in police custody for RTO check.   This is the first time that an FIR has been registered on the complaint by an NGO in the absence of an eye-witness.  We are thankful to the Navghar Police Station for their co-operation and prompt action in implementing animal protection laws. 

In the meanwhile Salim is still receiving calls from Mr.Bhupesh requesting him to withdraw the FIR and get the tempo driver and vehicle released from police custody. 

Lessons learnt :  (a)  You are just as guilty as the abuser, if you know about animal abuse and do nothing for fear of your own interests.
                            (b)  Being associated with a reputed animal welfare NGO like Jivadaya                                          Foundation is a farce if you lack the courage to act 
                                  against animal abuse.
                            (c)  It takes true compassion and dedication to the cause of animals to be able                               to stand up against threats by anti-social 
Team              :  Salim Charania

Sections         :  428 of IPC                 -  Mischief by killing or maiming animal
                        279 of IPC          -  Rash driving or riding on a public way
                       184 of MVA               -  Driving dangerously   
                            11(1)(a) of PCA  -  Beating, kicking, over-riding, over-driving, over-loading, torturing, causing unnecessary pain or suffering to any animal  

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