Monday, 11 August 2014


Our President Salim Charania received a call from two sisters Meenakshi & Maya in the early morning of 9th August 2014 that a stray dog had been run over by a driver named Pradeep Babar The vehicle No MH02 AU 320 was being driven rashly and at high speed at Vile Parle East.  The dog's face was crushed and it was bleeding heavily not to mention being in terrible pain.  

The driver was staying in the vicinity of the complainants and Meenakshi & Maya managed to keep him there until Salim reached Vile Parle in 30 minutes from Mira Road.   The police were summoned and the dog was sent to BSPCA Parel for treatment.  The driver was taken to the Vile Parle East Police Station and FIR u/s.428 & 279 of the IPC and u/s. 11 of PCA Act was filed.  The incident happened on a Saturday and therefore the driver who was arrested will be at the police custody until Monday when he would be eligible to post bail. 

Although the FIR was filed, it is our observation that most police personnel are unaware of the provisions of sections 428 & 429 of IPC and section 11 of PCA Act and their applicability.  Every police station states that this is the first time that they are registering a FIR on account of injury / death of an animal.   Salim is well versed in these matters and hence is able to get the FIR registered whenever he attends the police station for such cases. 

In order to provide relief to the numerous cases of cruelty, it is essential that each and every animal activist is aware of the provisions of law for protection of animals and their applicability.   All interested activists are requested to kindly contact Salim Charania who is more than willing to provide free of cost training and relevant documentation required for filing cruelty cases.

Sections :  Section 428 & 279  of IPC    
              Section 11 of PCA Act 

Team     :   Salim, Meenakshi  Maya 

Fir Copy

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