Saturday, 2 August 2014

Sweeper fined for beating street dog at Mira Road

On 1st August 2014, Ms.Manisha Charania an animal activist and also the wife of Salim Charania saw a young sweeper boy (named Ajay) beating a female dog who was scavenging for food with the stick.  When she confronted the sweeper boy told her that he had beaten the dog because it was going to pull the dustbin down.  On her telling him not to hit street dogs, he became rude and told her that if the dog touches the dustbin he would kill the dog.  Ms.Manisha admonished him and informed Salim immediately.  When Salim went to enquire about the matter, the sweeper boy was joined by his father who was arguing in favour of his son.  The incident had taken place in the Society in which Salim & Manisha live and the society (comprising 10 buildings) is not very kind towards animals.  Therefore in order to create awareness amongst the Society members with regard to the provisions of the law relating to animals and so that they adopt a more tolerant approach towards street animals, Salim called up the Police from KashiMira Police Station.  The sweeper boy and his father were taken to the police station where they apologised and begged to be let off.  Filing an FIR would have resulted in the sweeper boy being arrested and court formalities.  However in order to have a demonstrative effect on them as well as the society members they were booked u/s 119 of the Bombay Police Act, 1951 and fine of Rs.2500/- imposed on them.  

The incident will serve as a lesson to the Society residents that animal cruelty is a punishable offence.
Team :  Manisha & Salim Charania

Sections applied :  Sec.119 of Bombay Police Act -  Punishment for cruelty to Animals 

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