Sunday, 7 September 2014

Laundry man Booked For Animal Cruelty Under BPA Act 119 - Fine 2500

A formal complaint was given by Animal Lover Ms. Lata Parmar to Mr. Salim Charania regarding a person adult Mr.Kishen shivmangal kashi aged 52  ,who runs a laundry shop “Arham Laundry” rented near santoshimata chawl no 10,Parsi Panchayat road, Andheri east, who hit a small pup with a bamboo rod behind when the pup was relieving himself and he was assisted by his son kuldeep kishan kasha aged 28 in watching the offence. When Lata Parmar,  who was the eye witness tried to stop him and started explaining him animal laws, Kishen  did not listen to her and the son Kuldeep started abusing Lata by threatening her. Lata called Salim and got him acquainted with the problem who gave strict warning to father and son on phone, but they did not take it seriously. Lata wanted to take a stand against the abuse that happened towards animal and herself and became eye witness. As the offence was falling under LAC Bombay Police Act 119 , Salim reached spot and called police on the spot who took the culprits to Jogeshwari east police station. After inquiry , the  offence was proved and the Father had to pay 2500/- fine for beating puppy badly and a strict and stern warning to the son regarding women’s law and harassment and their address was taken along with other details. Both the culprits stay in santoshimata temple chawl no-2 . The people who accompanied later with the culprits requested Salim to give them a chance and withdraw the complaint but as we needed to create awareness and even to punish offenders , we did not bend down. With a great support of Inspector Todkar who was duty-officer and with the police who came on the spot with dialing 100 number with token no-w00477718, we successfully booked the offenders with LAC number 984114 and created awareness everywhere. The police appreciated Salim’s efforts and even ask for a copy of Animal Laws in handling animal related cases in future. We thank the countless efforts of Mr. Salim, inspector Todkar, Police who came on the spot for cracking the offence instantly. 

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