Tuesday, 16 September 2014


In the second week of September, Pawaindia booked culprits in five cases under Bombay Police Act 119 (BPA) for Animal Cruelty with a hefty fine of 2500/- each culprit individually and helped in creating awareness about animal laws in different areas of the Mumbai city and helping Government in implementing animal laws and regulation.

Case 1:-

An animal lover lady in Mira road complained to Mr. Salim charania, president of PAWA about the harassment that was done by a medical businessman owning his shop where he threatened the lady to leave feeding or caring for dogs near his shop and also he hit the dog with stick. Salim called police on the spot and literally the businessman was dragged by police till police station and booked him for BPA with fine 2500/- and a stern warning regarding women’s laws.

Team:- Salim Charania

Case 2:-

An animal lover lady in Jogeshwari complained PAWA member Lata Pamar about the harassment and abuse that was done by Maniben Satra and Ashish satra, who use to beat and kick dogs with sticks and even harassed animal lovers too. Lata called police and with the guidance of Salim charania on phone registered an NC against Maniben Satra and Booked her under BPA 119 for animal cruelty with fine 2500/- and LAC no-999/14 and strict warning to Ashish to avoid any harassment in future.

Team:-Lata Parmar

Case 3:-

An animal lover in charkop complained to Salim charania regarding a tea stall vendor who use to beat dogs with sticks and kick regularly. The vendor even threatened the lady with dire consequences if she complains any NGO. Salim called police on the spot but the vendor escaped prior so salim manage to caught his worker. But next day , police reach on the spot and manage to catch the vendor and booked him under BPA act 119 for Animal cruelty.

Team:-Salim charania

Case 4:-

An animal lover in kurla complained to Salim charania regarding culprit Fernandes who use to hit stones and pelt stones on them whenever he use to see them nearby. He even threatened the animal lover and threatened with dire consequences for taking care of animals. Salim called police on the spot and caught the culprit where he was booked with BPA act 119 for animal cruelty with fine 2500/- and LAC no-1452 and stern warning by senior police inspector of Kurla.

Team:- Salim charania, Sudhir parmar , Saarthi, Shama and Lata Parmar 

Case 5:-

An animal lover in Pant Nagar in Ghatkopar complained to Salim charania regarding Michale Rodericks for pelting stones on dogs. PAWA members Sudhir Parmar and Lata Parmar reached there and called police on the spot who took the accused to police station. In the beginning, Police were not taking the complained despite of showing animal Laws of the country but when Mr. salim charania spoke to the duty officer, police booked him for BPA 119 for animal cruelty

LAC no-2448/14.09.14. After a certain period the accused emotionally blackmailed the complainer who even was trapped in the emotions but PAWA members were determined and were standing by laws and ultimately booked the accused.

Team:- Sudhir Parmar and Lata Parmar with telephonic guidance of Salim Charania to Police


PAWAINDIA created awareness by respecting Animal laws and implementing honestly everywhere including police stations which even helped Indian Government in raising fines from accused and culprits.

Please print this page and present to police station and book culprit for Animal Cruelty

For injuring Animal or killing animal, The Fir will be registered under IPC 428 or 429 and Other PCA act, the culprit will be arrested, and can apply for bail, but when the case goes to court, the culprit can get jail for 2 years on the final hearing.  

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