Monday, 6 October 2014

BJP’s leaders driver booked under IPC 428, 279 & PCA Act Section 11 A

On 18th September 2014, an animal –lover from vakola name Pallavi gave a call to PAWA india president Mr. Salim Charania regarding a stray cat who was brutally run off and killed by a driver Rajan Yadav last night by his car who sped fast after the incident which was owned by BJP Leader with no. MH02 - BM - 3604. An animal volunteer Christina Lobo referred PAWA india to her. Mr. Salim and other Volunteer (Shreya and Shama) reached the spot with Police, head constable and senior head constable who later did panchnama and prepared the reports. By that time, the BJP leader who owned the car came there and started threatening Salim with dire consequences for his action to which Salim bravely and boldly replied that let keep on time that who files case on whom and to whom law supports. By that time, police arrested the driver and kept him in lockup and the cat’s dead body was taken for Post mortem in SPCA and a medical certificate was produced with FIR. The driver was booked with IPC 278 for rash driving and IPC 428 for killing cat and PCA 11 prevention of cruelty towards animals. Bjp leader tried to pressurize animals lover’s family to take the case back but Salim remained determined , the party leaders even apologized and ask for pardon but when Salim got to know that the driver had previously also killed cats in same way, that became a timely need. She even had gone to driver to make him understand animal laws but was rebuked by the driver by telling that does she know how to drive, if not then she should not speak which was quite humiliating for her. As she did not knew about PAWA india, so could not give justice to the dead cats, but this time she proved to give justice to the dead cat and her soul. As PAWA is always into giving  justice to each and every animal, Salim files FIR successfully and proved that no one is above law.

As a BJP leader , here the expectation was that he should have respected country’s law and order and should not have supported his driver who broke animal laws. If country’s major parties starts breaking laws and supports culprit what kind of future can be carved for India which is actually a dream of our Nation’s father. Every Indian should respect Indian laws as it maintains our nations dignity, integrity and solidarity and it sets an example in the world that India has the best constitution and law book.


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