Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Pawa president Mr. Salim Charania received a complaint from Dr. Kulkarni, a resident of Vikas Park society near Evershine Nagar in Malad west regarding the illegal tree cutting of branches including beheading of 11 trees in her society premise by the chairman and secretary. Previously ,she tried her level best meeting the tree officer and Police station but almost came empty handed after a month.

She had given an animal cruelty complain to PAWA which was successfully solved which really impressed Dr. Kulkarni and finally she approached PAWA india to seek justice for the trees and approached Salim, who came to the spot and after investigating the case and even the place approach Bangur Nagar Police Station in Malad

With the help of Housing Societies Activist Mr. J. B.Patel, who helped Salim and Dr. Nandani Kulkarni on phone and through mails regarding Tree laws and after 5-6 follow up with BMC Tree Officer and Sr.Police We finally manage to register an FIR with FIR no 50/14 under Maharashtra (Urban Areas)Preservation of Trees Act, 1975 (8/21) on 20/10/2014 in Bangu Nagar Police station against the Chairman and Secretary Of Vikas park Society in Malad.

With the good cooperation of PSI Inspector Survade and Tree officer Gosavi From BMC, FIR was successfully registered. The accused will be presented in court soon where the punishment will be levied on them by the judge which hails from penalty of Rs.1000/- to 5000/- for each tree with Imprisonment from 1 week till 1 year, depends on the severeness of the case.

This was a turning point for PAWA India who even proved to be voice for trees and fought for their brutal death that took place in the premises in the form of beheading which was totally illegal. 

We salute the immense efforts of Dr. Nandani Kulkarni who despite being senior age still fights for nature and animals and even PAWA india’s Salim Charania, who actually work from pillar to post to seek justice in a legal way, teaching many other NGO’s working for nature and animals welfare that justice is also a part of welfare and there should be unity to achieve happiness for speechless lives by keeping ego’s aside. 

Mr. Salim and Pawa India's concern for trees is not only because trees are our silent sentinel of environment but also because the trees are habitat of small animals and birds. Trees gives us food, medicine, they absorb carbon-dioxide from the air and relief the most vital oxygen, they bind the soil and slow down storm water.

The constitution of India obligates every citizen to protect and improve their environment and show compassion to animals

This proves that “where there is will, there is way”, PAWA has always and will always work for Animals and and nature betterment and happiness in implementing the prevailing laws into action.


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