Friday, 3 October 2014

LPG Petrol Pump Staff Booked for Animal Cruelty Under BPA ACT 119 in Dombivali

An animal lover Laxmi Aggrawal, posted her complain on Facebook regarding the pathetic and inhumane condition of Brownie Labrador, near LPG petrol pump in Dombivali that was given by his owner who kept brownie in a 4 and a half feet cage. Later on Laxmi approached PAWA india 
PAWA president Salim Charania & his team Pooja bhandari, Sudhir Parmar and Chandra singh, tries to find out about any NGO or animal officer who can work for Dombivali area, but did not get positive response. Ultimately , the team went there to investigate the case and even interoggated with the owner who accepted the fact, where they found even cruelty. They requested Police to arrest the culprit. Police too had supervised the situation and finally levied Bombay police act 119 on the culprit Ram Yadav, (Lac No : 242/2014) Laxmi aggarwal and Darshak shah stood as eye-witness which was very helpful for Bombay police act. We were really depress to see dombivali did not had any NGO or any Animal officer who can handle cruelty case.
We urgently require sincere animal volunteers, activists and officers and great NGO  in Dombivali to tackle cruelty cases. Standing by right and defending Speechless animals is a demand of time.

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