Friday, 3 October 2014

Slum History Sheeter arrested under Bombay Police Act 119 for animal cruelty

On 28th September animal lover Vicky Shah was going towards Dr.Gadge clinic near Ahimsa hospital with his pet dog, where he saw a slum dweller was hitting a stray dog with stick. When Vicky went there and tried to stop that ,the slum dweller verbally abuse Vicky and tried to harm with his Gang. 

Vicky called Saurabh, who in turn called Salim from PAWA who asked Vicky to call 100 number and call police to control the situation. 

Salim reached the spot almost when police too reached and the culprit (Singhal) was taken to Bangu nagar police station where Inspector Survade was duty Incharge and knew PAWA and Salim very well. He booked the culprit under Bombay Police Act 119 where the culprit was made to pay the fine of 2500/- Lac No : 2314

The whole slum dweller’s area and the culprits family came and tried to show their crocodiles tears. They said, they can’t afford this fine as they live hand-to-mouth and needed money for kids school.

Later on the police informed Salim about the culprit’s Past record which shows that he is a 
goon.Finally we made the culprit to pay fine. In the whole situation , Vicky stood with courage and was the eye-witness.

We need more people who genuinely wants to raise their voice against mute creatures. If people like Vicky Shah approaches animal cruelty to animal NGOs , surely animal cruelty will be curbed.

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