Friday, 3 October 2014


On 30th September 2014 Saurabh (Animal Welfare Officer) received a complain from animal lovers Zara Pathan and Sheeba from Malwani regarding their neighbour Neha, who badly and brutally hit their pet cat on face leading to brutal dental injury. 

The complain was later forwarded to PAWA president Mr. Salim Charania, who reached in noon on the spot and reached Malwani police station. He explained the scenario and Animal laws to Police who later on sent a constable and brought the culprit Neha at police station. Later on , the cat was treated by dr.Gadge's and a medical certificate was submitted to police who even observed the cat and her broken teeth. 

When the FIR procedure was going on few samajwadi politicians and society members tried to make settlements with Salim, who was adamant on his FIR decision. As Malwani is a hub of animal haters and abusers, it was a timely need for an awareness to avoid any future haphazards. 

Through investigation, we got to know that the culprit had a past history of hitting the cat for almost 6 months and even relocating society dog which are considered as a serious offence.

Finally FIR was registered which booked Neha Topdis under PCA section 11 act,prevention of cruelty towards animals and IPC 428 and neha was arrested but later on she was released on bail. 

Next day, investigating officers and API prepared Panchnama and the report that will be helpful for the case.Police will file chargesheet in next 60 days and as per Animal laws of India, IPC 428 2 invites 2 yrs imprisonment and fine or both also. Soon the trial in court will start.

We get to know through science, mental health and discovery that people who tends to harm animals slowly develops a tendency that makes him/her criminal and prone to crimes like murder, rape or harm. 

So we need to clear this society from such kind of crime and criminal through legal way.


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