Thursday, 6 November 2014

Contractor Arrested for beating dog brutally in Kandivali (Mumbai)

On 5th November 2014 , Pawa India president Mr.Salim charania received a call from animal lover Amul against a local contractor in kandivali east for hitting a stray local dog brutally with an iron rod. (Area - Balaji Bhavan, Plot No 51, 2nd Road, Singh Estate, Basra Studio, Thakur Village Kandivali)

I asked Amul To call Police and Ambulance and by the time I will reach spot.

After investigating the case, we came to a conclusion that the contractor hated stray dog and wanted to get rid of them. With the support of animal activists Christina lobo and amul the dog was taken in ambulance as his jaw and back was brutally injured. The dog is admitted to Ahimsa Hospital and is in Critical Condition.

The Local resident named Prabhakar Viraiah Bovini & Anusuya Ravi Chittala had witness the crime and came with us to the police station to give statement of the incident.

We Salute to the above 2 person who stood with us and show their courage and brave act to fight against animal cruelty. 

Police also reach on the spot and local contractor named Hari Bhavu Kamble  was taken to samta nagar police station. Later other animal activist (Rajdeep, Rita, Sourabh & Natasha also join us in police station. unfortunately, much of the time was wasted in educating police regarding animal laws but finally the senior police saw the past records of Pawa India FIR and even got aware of animal laws and instructed duty officer to lodge FIR and finally The Fir No. 451/14 was filed under IPC section 428 and PCA sec 11 A

In the mid of the procedure,many supporters of culprit came including a lawyer named Sidharth Sharma  who argued with salim, police and other animal activist but surprisingly as a lawyer he himself was not aware of the sections and tried to boast that he has fought many animal cruelty cases under Ambika Hiranandani of PFA. But finally, lawyer acted foolishly by challenging salim that he will file an FIR against the dog who use to bite everyone, where dog biting was a fake story. People who supported contractor cooked up the story that there are stray dogs who even bites everyone and police should take some action, but as per law salim awared them that only BMC has the right to take stray dogs complaints and dogs can't be eliminated or relocated, they can just be vaccinated and sterilized according to ABC rules. 

Finally the ball came in to our court and with the support of senior inspector, animal activists and our Indian law, Salim manage to file FIR against contractor who is now arrested.soon procedure will start in court..

No one has the right to injure or harm animals as its against animal laws and Pawa India always takes and will keep on taking actions against animal abuser..

Team..salim, Christina, rajdeep, amul, Sourabh, Natasha & Rita

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