Monday, 10 November 2014

Disha Travels Bus Driver Arrested for Run over Dog in Dahsir (Mumbai)

On 5th September 2014 Animal lover in Dahsir & AWO Saurabh gave a complain to the president of PAWA Mr.Salim Charania around  night 1 AM, regarding the driver (Deepak) of Disha travels and tours bus, over running a stray dog in dahisar. When animal activists witness this incident, they tried to stop the bus but it did not stopped. Salim went with Eye-witness to MHB police station in Borovali and after heated arguments and making police aware of animal laws, manage to file an FIR against Deepak with FIR no 237/14 under IPC 428 for injuring animal and 279 for rash driving. By that time Saurabh along with other animal lovers admitted the dog to IDA. 

On 9th November 2014 Salim got a call from MHB police station and police ask Salim to call Deepak as arrest needs to be made. After a chain of contacts, salim got Deepak’s number and got him arrested. As new police recruitments are going on, police hardly knows how to file FIR for animal cruelty so PAWA and Salim teaches them the procedure so that they get to know laws. PAWA have almost covered up most of Mumbai’s police station and made police aware of animal laws and making a smooth way for other NGO’s to register FIR in-case of any animal cruelty.

PAWA have taken a milestone towards making all police station aware of animal laws so that it becomes easy for filing FIR and complaints against animal cruelty and animal abusers. We request other NGO’s to come forward and fight against animal cruelty and impart justice to animals. 

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