Wednesday, 19 November 2014

FIR Filed against local Politician for run over dog in Nallasopara East

On 17th November 2014 Wilson, an animal lover complained PAWA president Mr. Salim Charania regarding a person who run over his car no.  MH48 S 6381 over a small dog who was sleeping at the corner of the road near Shriram Nagar  in Nallasopara East

Despite being stopped, the accused Madhukar Patil showed no remorse and behaved inhumanly by telling that, it’s just a dog and did not even bothered of taking dog to the vet n asked the Wilson to close the car door because his car AC is getting wasted.

Wilson has given First Aid treatment to the dog, Later in the afternoon Salim arrived at the spot and took the dog to the vet for further treatment, the doctor said  suspect-ability of left hind leg getting fractured.  

After investigating the case, Salim along with her PAWA volunteer Shama Bhatt & Lata Parmar  and the eye witness accompany with the team to the Nallasopara Police Station 

Salim explained the case to the duty officer and the police team were dispatched with salim to the accused office to call him to the police station but he was  absent from the scene. The police called the culprit on phone to be present in police station but he did not turn up.

So with the help of Eye-witness and a good cooperation from Senior Inspector Mr. Ravindra Bhadgujar  FIR was filed for Animal cruelty Under IPC 428, IPC 279 and PCA Act Section 11A  against the accused.

After Investigating the case by IO there will be soon procedure will be followed of arrest against the accused.

The dog will be look after by Wilson, Pinky and kanti Bhai of Karuna Animal Organisation 



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