Monday, 3 November 2014

PAWA INDIA instant action towards Cow cruelty in Palghar

On date 24th October 2014 Amey Patil, a Palghar resident posted on Facebook very abusive, brutal and cruel pictures of cow who was made to jump on fire for a ritual on auspicious Balipratipada day in Manor.  Below is the picture 

These pictures enraged animal activists and other animal lovers, who tagged PAWA India and requested PAWA india to take action to stop the cruelty.  Finally, PAWA india President Mr. Salim Charania took initiative to investigate the case and manage to get Amey Patil’s contact number and address through facebook friends and got in touch with him. Salim fix up a meeting in Palghar with Amey Patil. Before going for the meeting, Salim submitted a written complain to Palghar Police station regarding the cruelty  and requested for an instant action against Amey and his collegues 

Police accompanied Salim to Amey patil’s mentioned address,After meeting Amey, Salim gave a strict warning against any cruelty done with animals and ask Amey to send him the pictures of the cow who was made to jump the fire.

Amey explained Salim that this is a ritual that is performed every year on Diwali to ward off the impurities of this birth and to get the next birth pure and good for the cow and the animals are unhurt. Salim warned him of Police action if any animal is hurt or kept hungry as they were looking in the ritual. Finally , as the area falls under Manor police station, the case got transferred to Manor police station and an investigation is in progress.

Any ritual or tradition irrespective of any caste or religion, which is brutal, cruel and illegal towards animals will not be tolerated and the culprits will be strictly dealt with laws and punishment to stop cruelty towards innocent animals.

Our Palghar case  post was published in DNA front page:-

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