Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Puppy was Beaten and thrown from first floor, FIR Registered, Culprit Arrested

On 11th November 2014  Animal activist Suyash gave a complain to PAWA India President Mr. Salim Charania regarding a person who beat the dog brutally & threw 2 months pup from 1st floor of the building in Dombivali. 

Salim went to the spot with the support of, Natasha, Darshak Shah,Chandra singh and Pooja bhandari who are Individual Animal Activist & was willingly joined the case from their side. Meantime, Salim advise Suyash to take the pup to vet for starting the treatment as the pup was in critical condition. After seeing the gang of animal activist including Suyash, Gaurav and Natasha along with Salim, culprit  name Nattu came down and then a heated verbal fight took place between Salim and the culprit but finally the culprit was pleaded for guilty but as PAWA India believes in justice , Salim & other activist took the culprit to Dombivali police station.

Eyewitness Gargi and her friend and family were brave enough to come with us to the police station for eyewitness, Pawa India Respect them from the bottom of the heart

The police was stunned to file FIR in animal cruelty as they were themselves not aware of animal laws. PAWA India explained them the laws to which finally police took the FIR with no Part 2 10/2014 under IPC 428 and PCA act. We were successful in filing FIR after a heated arguments with even police officers. In the mid of the procedure, Culprit gave number of calls to Politician for help. These people tried to suppress the case and were trying to culprit go scot-free but Salim and other animal Activists were stubborn and adamant on their decision and animal laws. So finally the culprit got arrested and police started its investigation.

Gaurav took the pup with him and now the pup is under his care, love and attention.

We are shocked that Dombivali being the one of the biggest station of central line lacks  NGOs who can create awareness among people, vaccinate and sterilize dogs and file even animal cruelty case in police station. 

We request the Indian Government to Start animal centre for proper vaccinations, sterilization and treatments of stray animals as Dombivali have a large population of unsterilised dogs. This was the first case ever in Dombivali for Animal cruelty where FIR was registered through the efforts of PAWA India Salim and other animal activists who joined him to make this case successful. 


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