Saturday, 13 December 2014

Man Arrested for Rash Driving and Injuring Stray Dog Fir Registered U/S IPC 429, 279 & Pca Act

On 11th of December 2014, President of Pawa India (Salim Charanai) received a distress call from the animal lover Mr. Suman Roy about the incident that one person in his society in ramdev park, in bhayander area has run over his car on the dog brutally, and it is badly injured. The dog was sleeping at the corner of the main gate of the society and there was enough place to enter in to society, then too he drove his car on the sleeping dog, he has a history of rash driving in the society. Salim &  his wife Manisha reached the spot in 5 minutes and investigate the case, he called up the Dr. from Jivdaya Organisation for painkiller and first aid treatment, the Dr. arrived immedately on the spot in another 10 minutes and treated the dog, with the help of Harsh from Birdhelpline & chandresh the dog was taken to Dr. Dave clinic for further treatment. The dog was in pain, the jaw was broken and multiple injuries on body were found. 

Further investigating the case from the eyewitness name Chirag, Salim came to know that the culprit was called and were asked for medical treatment of the dog by Chirag, The culprit named Harshad Prabhakar Patil said " Its a road dog, if you are so worried take ur road dog to the hospital ". 

Listening to this and confirmed the incident, Salim called the Navghar Police Station in Bhayander,  4 cops came on bike in 5 minutes and he explained the incident to cops, cops and salim went to the culprit flat, where we found that Patil was having a good sleep in the bedroom without bothering about the dog, for a second also he did'nt think about the pain of the dog.  when salim asked about the incident to him, he said it's a street dog not private dog. Salim asked the cops to take him to the police station. 

Local politician approached to the police station to rescue the culprit and were convincing salim for settlement, but salim was firm on his decision. One well known person in Mira road named Riyaz Khan also phoned the salim to lett of the case, but when salim narrated the incident to him that the culprit has done the brutal act and he has no regret then he asked him that don't leave him, do the fir against him. We salute to such politician named Riyaz khan who supported salim, while the other local politian were upset and angry on salim decision.  

Manisha had also verbally fired the patil for the incident, Senior Inspector of Navghar Police station cooperated Pawa India Team and the FIR was register under IPC section : 429 (maximum Punishment up to 5 years in prison), 279 for rash driving and Prevention to cruelty to animals act Section 11. The culprit was arrested.

The dog is currently at animal lover (Kajorie Tiwari)  house for treatment.

Chirag (an Eyewitness) Stood up against Animal Cruelty and supported Pawa India to file Fir

Recently some cases has been seen on Face book where we see people put up the animal cruelty case  where they asked help for medical & treatment. We really appreciate their efforts but We request such great people to also file case in police station, because in such cases the culprits are left free.

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