Saturday, 20 December 2014

Truck Driver arrested for crushing a stray dog

On 9th December , Animal lover and a Film & TV Actress Natasha Sinha  from Mira Road  who feeds almost 100 stray dogs in her local area found a stray dog lying lifeless under the wheel of truck. (Truck No. : MH48T1899) She called PAWA India president Salim Charania in noon , who received on the spot and after investigating the situation found that the dog’s leg was twisted under the wheel and it was even fractured. she pulled the dog leg out forcefully which was stuck under the wheel of the truck with the help of her driver. 

There was a possibility that the driver might have crushed the dog under the wheel and then ran from the spot. Salim reached the spot and called police who inturn did Panchnama and called Truck owner and ask him to summon his driver as soon as possible as the driver got booked under IPC 428 for killing animal and 279 for rash driving with PCA 11 section for performing cruelty towards animals under an FIR.
Police got to know that the driver ran to his village but luckily he was arrested on 18th December and now the Police is following its legal procedure and investion.
We heartily thank the animal lover for informing us about the cruelty as by doing it she is not only contributing her efforts in punishing animal abusers but even respecting law and order to give even justice to a dead dog.


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