Sunday, 28 December 2014

What wrong my baby has done ? The Female mother dog in Pain

on 26th December 2014, An animal lover named Namrata resident of Vinay Hemitage Building in Mira Road, Mumbai, called Salim Charania (President of PAWA INDIA), she informed that one person named Sandeep Hukumchand Maheshwari staying in her society had killed the puppy under the wheel of his car no. MH04 EX 7646 while coming out of the society, Salim & Manisha reached the spot in 5 minutes and investigate the case, the puppy was playing with mother outside the society gate and Namrata with her husband was feeding and were taking care of other dogs, Sandeep was coming out of the society gate and he mercilessly drove his car over the dog, and the dog was killed on the spot, He moved further without caring the puppy fatal accident. 
Namrata loudly shouted and ask him to stop the car, and the heated argument begin between them, Namrata told him that there are animal law, you should have slow the car, she said the action can be taken against you for killing the animal, Sandeep, his family and other society people gathered and replied that for killing animal there will be no FIR, and if it is “Do Whatever You Want”

After Salim reach the spot, he saw that the Mother dog was crying & licking and were continuously looking at the dead pup. The scene was very painful for mother and for us.
 The heated argument took place between Salim and Sandeep with his society people. Now there was a time to take action, Salim called the police on the spot and the culprit was taken to Kanakya Police Station, later the society people also came to the police station to let off the case, they started arguing with police that the accident was not done purposely, surprisingly these society people were not present on the spot and they started their own definition.  Police Officer – Mr. Praful understood the case and questioned them in return – he asked “if a person is walking on the railway track, and if he met accident so whose fault it is? Person or the Train driver” society people replied off course the person walking on railway track.   

Police officer replied – Exactly for road if a person or an animal met accident, the fault is always of vehicle driver, the brakes are meant to apply on emergency situation. There is no amendment that crossing road is a crime, if such amendment takes place, we will let u know, please let me handle the case and go home.

Salim and his team was impressed by the Police Officer, the Fir was register under IPC 428, IPC 279, and PCA ACT. The investigation officer was appointed for the case and he is coordinating with Salim to complete the procedure. The arrest will be made soon on 1st January or 2nd  2015  

Anjum Shaikh who is an animal lover helped Salim for Punchnama.

The life of puppy was lost and the mother of puppy will have pain for the whole life, the accident was met in front of her.




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