Thursday, 8 January 2015

7 pups saved by Pawa India from Cruel Society in Mira road (Mumbai) Fir Filed

I Mr. Salim Charania (President of Pawa India) Received a call from Mr.Madhav Tople)  that one society has taken away 7 pups in a gunny bag and thrown away out of the society somewhere in remote area, he connected me to the animal lover staying in the same society named siddhesh Hengre and his family. The family was present with us for the whole rescue of 7 pups.  

Manisha (Animal Activist) and me reached Kashimira Police Station and asked them to send cops with us for investigation; we reached the spot at Highness Park Building in Nityanand Nagar, Mira Road East. We investigated the case and came to know that one lady named Elizabeth Elfrod had taken help of BMC cleaner named Pradeep and bribed him to take away the pups and throw it somewhere else.

We asked Elizabeth for the brutal sin, she replied if you are so much worried take the pups at your home, later the other society people join her in arguing with us, another society man named Mukul gupta who is working in times of India started behaving rudely.

We have seen the mother dog who was sitting quietly at the corner of the society and was looking very upset and sad, these all circumstances made us angry and then we back fired them and threatened them that we want all pups in 5 minutes, if you don’t get pups back to us, will result in immediate arrest.

Elizabeth later confesses that it was the society decision and the society committee member has given her charged to throw the dog out. She got afraid and called the Pradeep who has thrown the dog, Pradeep was misleading us about the location.

We asked the watchman, then watchman said the exact location, we took the watchman with us at the spot which was 15 minutes away far from the society. We found that the pups, they were hiding below the container, next to gutter in a remote area, Pups were in fear and hungry. To rescue all the pups below the container was a very difficult task, all the pups were rescued and were taken back to the society and were release near the mother dog, the pups were very hungry, and the mother dog immediate started feeding milk.  

There was a mob present at the society to fight with us, I asked them to come to police station and will show you the law, We went to the police station, and asked the duty officer to book the people for Animal Cruelty, later around 40 people from the society including local Politician came to Police Station to oppose us.

But Law is law, before also I have faced a mob of more than 100 people alone in the society and in the police station for Animal Cruelty : Majority is not the Authority

We got a good cooperation from Senior Inspector and the Fir was registered Under Maharashtra Police Act 119 : Fine up to 2500 or 1 month Prison or Both against Elizabeth and Pradeep, they will be arrested soon and will be taken to court, if Elizabeth says that it was also the Society Committee member decision in front of judge, all the people present in the committee member will be charged under the same act. 

We thanks to Siddhesh & his family who stood & fought with us for Animal Cruelty. 


For Awareness we put the news in media 


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