Saturday, 31 January 2015

Dog thrashed brutally by locals in the name of releasing dog fight

Dindhoshi Police Station 

On 29th December Salim Charania received a call from Sneha Vakde that two person named Raju & Ketan above in Pic (right side) have hit the dog very badly & brutally with stones. Sneha is the eye witness, she said that a puppy from unknown place came in to her area and the local dog named lalu tried to attack the puppy, but since sneha was present she hold lalu and stop the dog from being becoming aggressive towards puppy. 

The fight was already broke but Raju & Ketan took the law in hand, they chased lalu and hit the dog brutally. The dog was completely in shock and trauma after attack, Salim asked Sneha to call Police control room. Police arrived and took the accused and Sneha to the Dindhosi Police Station. Sneha tried a lot to convince police to book accused for animal cruelty but the complaint was unheard. 

After hearing the above case, Salim reached the police station and asked them to book culprit for animal cruelty, Police understood the fact and cooperated salim and send the constable with him & sneha for medical check up. Doctor has given first aid to lalu & certified that the dog was in pain & trauma. The certificate was produced in the police station. Mean while 50 locals from the accused area came in to police station  and started protesting against Sneha & Salim. 

Salim knows how to handle locals, and finally the accused were booked under Animal Cruelty - Maharshtra Police Act 119, where they paid a bail bond amount and were released. Case & Lac No : 5726 & 5727

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