Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Police Pet Dog Kicked by Neighbour, Fir Registered Under BPA ACT 119 Charkop Mumbai

on 20th January 2015 around 11 am in the morning, Salim Charania (President of Pawa India) received a call on phone by Police Hawaldar that his pet dog was kicked brutally on the stomach while taking down for a walk.

The Police approached Salim as a Civilian n complaint about it that his son was taking dog for a walk and got in an argument with Jitendra D Mehta (above in the Pic), Jitendra threaten that the dog should not pass his door, if he pass, the dog will be killed and he brutally kicked the dog on his stomach, the dog cried in pain,  Police (Sambhaji Nagre) approached him and asked him for his misbehaviour  and animal cruelty, He said that he will complaint to Police commissioner and will make him suspend from Police Force and was threatening with RTI Activist. 

Salim reached Charkop Police Station with Nagre and complaint about it, Accused Jitendra was called and he started giving threatening that he will complaint to Police commissioner,  Salim took a complaint on his name as complainant and took Mr. Nagre and his son as witness. 

Tomorrow there will be arrest and the accused will be produced to Magistrate court for his crime.

Maharashtra Police Act 119 says : 1 Month prison or fine up to 2500 or both 


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