Saturday, 31 January 2015

We are here not only to protect animals but also their property

Person booked for rash driving & destroying Animal water bawl

Versova Police Station 

on 29th December 2014, an animal lover named Aarti Sharma from four bungalow area in lokhandwala mumbai complaint Salim Charania (President of Pawa India) about a person named Trishneel Sadadekar is always rash driving and on that day he fell from the bike due to rash driving and he removed his frustration on water bawl (provided by IDA NGO) which was kept at the corner of the society for stray dogs and birds to drink water.

He picked up the water bowl and broke it intentionally, all this incident was witnessed by Aarti Sharma, she asked him to stop it. Aarti later filled the another bowl with water, after few hrs, he broke that too, it was the repeated attempt to break the water bowl by Trishneel.

On hearing this Salim reached Versova Police Station and complaint about it, the two Head Constable was provided by Police Sub Inspector with Salim to take the accused to police station from his residence. Trishneel is booked under Motor vehicle Act for rash driving, where he paid a fine of Rs 2000 and his bike paper was submitted at magistrate court for verification. Case No : 2457 (LAC NO)

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