Thursday, 1 January 2015

Wild Pig Rescued just few hours before from Brutal Slaughter in Vikroli East, Mumbai on 31st December 2014

on 30th December 2014, Salim Charania President of (PAWA INDIA) got a disturbing call on phone by Priya Sharma,  Paras Shah & Priya Grover from IDA that they heard loud shrieks of the stray pig at Vikhroli (east) and it was being taken away on a motorcycle. "All the four legs of the pig were tied, its mouth was covered. It was crying in such a pitiable manner they just could not ignore it, and tried to stop but they didn’t stop it, but they managed to click picture of Culprit and vehicle registration number.

Salim asked them to approach Police station but as it was too late the Regional Transport Office was closed, Paras shah, Priya Sharma and their friends Sunil Dubey, Sidharth Sangha, Aakash Kapure & others were managed to search the vehicle and culprit details through locals of Vikroli East Area by 1 am (31st December 2014)

Salim asked them that not to approach them unless and until he himself arrive, as it was too risky for them, Salim reached the spot at 2am and other activist Bimlesh Nawani & Neelkanth Shetgiri also join in for rescue.  Salim called Police Control Room and asked them to send at least 10 to 12 cops with arms, in next 2 minutes police arrived and we reached the culprit flat which was on 8th floor and caught them, all of sudden we heard a loud noise and saw from the passage window  that few people were trying to take a pig away in a car, which was kept tied in the culprit neighbor compound which was under construction sites, Salim and Paras rushed the spot and rescued pig from them and managed to caught them.

All the 3 culprits were taken to the Police Station and good vitamin was given to them to get more details, the culprit said that it’s in their culture to catch pig and eat it and also want to celebrate 31st December and New Year, two culprits were taken again to the spot to release the pig (the pig was in the meantime safeguarded by Neelkanth Shetgiri)  The pig was taken to the spot from where it was caught and was released.
We were happy to see that the pig got life back and was going back with other pigs to bush area.

The three culprit (Mukesh Muncilal Chauhan, Rajkumar Vartal Valmiki and Sanjeev Munif Chauhan) were booked under Animal Cruelty (Maharahstra Police Act 119) with total fine of Rs 7500 and the case no is 1692, 1693 & 1694)

We got a good cooperation and support from Senior Police Inspector Dinesh Desai and police Sub Inspector Kashinath Vaidya. We are also very happy with the local animal activist who put their life in danger and helped us in rescuing pig from Mafia Gang  

Times of India - 1st January 2015

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