Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Accused arrested for negligence of driving and killing puppy (Navghar Police Station) Mumbai

On 4th February 2015,  1:30 am  late night,  Salim Charania (President of PAWA India) received a call from Mrs. Anjum shaikh that one family named Manisha Shetty and her husband Suresh Shetty had a complaint of animal cruelty in Bhayander Navghar area. Salim called the family on phone and inquire about the incident, Mr. shetty said that one person has drove his car over a puppy and it is killed brutally, when Mr. Shetty approach the car no. MH04.EH.3282 owner named Lalit Bagga and asked him the reason for animal cruelty, he started showing his attitude and said that "you don't know whom I am" he was not ready to come out of car, then shetty asked him that whoever you are, atleast have some sympathy towards animals, he came out of the car, took the plastic bag and dump the body in to it and kept at the side of the road, and went further without any remorse while the local boys who have witnessed the crime tried to stop him before he could kill the puppy, he stop the car for 3 to 4 second and saw that puppy was crossing the road, he didn't kept the patience and drove over him being he observed that the puppy was crossing the road.

On hearing this, salim reached the spot and investigate the matter with Shetty family, the group of boys from the society was waken up who have witness the crime, salim requested them to accompany with him for eyewitness meanwhile the accused Lalit Bagga was traced of his car and residential address.  

Salim and others with eyewitness approached the Navghar Police Station and explained the case to the police officials, Police were sent with salim at 3 am to the spot to call accused to the police station & investigate further with PANCHNAMA process. Accused confessed the crime and was asking for apology & forgiveness to leave the case and said that he is also an animal lover. Salim explained him that his committed crime cannot be forgiven and salim is no one to give justice on behalf of puppy. 

Puppy is not alive and the puppy can't ask for justice, so the animal activist has to fight for the justice of animals, the accused and his car was taken in to police custody, the FIR is registered under IPC 429, IPC 279 and PCA ACT Sec 11

Salim got the good cooperation from the Navghar Police Station as usual as other Police Station cooperated with him 


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