Monday, 9 February 2015

Brave lady Shreya took a Stand Against Animal Cruelty with the Help of Pawa India

on 8th February 2015, Shreya yedery (sister of Pawa Member - Vishama) witness the incident that one old and ill dog was crossing the road, she stopped her bike at the corner of the road and was about to take the dog from the middle of the road to the end of the road, before she could rescue the dog, one Best Bus Driver (Vehicle No : MH01 LA 6433) run over the dog mercilessly, the mishap could have been avoided if bus driver would have some patience, but he ignored the dog and killed the dog under his vehicle and reacted like nothing happened and carried his journey further.

Shreya Called Salim Charania (President of Pawa) and informed the incident, Salim then guided her each and every step on phone, email and whatsup about the procedure to file FIR, with the document - panchnama, FIR, & Memo to Hospital,  Shreya cooperated well and she even didn't think that how can she do alone, she understood the procedure given by salim, Police arrived at the spot, and the panchnama of the body was carried out with the help of documents provided to them.

Salim Spoke to duty officer (Police Sub Inspector) on phone and guided him for the further procedure of Fir and Post Mortem Process.

The Fir is registered and the driver of the Bus (Vehicle No : MH01 LA 6433) is booked under IPC 429, IPC 279 and PCA Act section 11, The Investigation is in process, soon the details will be fetched from the BEST BUS Department and the driver will be arrested for the crime committed.

Moral of the story :  Shreya was alone and she took action against the bus driver with the guidelines on phone, this was her first cruelty case.

Where there is a Will there is a Way - There is nothing impossible in this world; it is only want of determination that brings about failures. With a strong will one can do wonders. The power of human will is ex­traordinary. At first sight many tasks may appear impos­sible of accomplishment and many are frightened away. Only a few have the necessary strength of will to pursue their goal; only they know what it is to struggle towards their ideal.

Impossible is a world to be found in. the dictionary of fools - is what Napoleon, the Great, is reported to have declared. It is good to remember this whenever we feel like giving up.


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