Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Fir filed against the man who is repeated offender of Animal Cruelty

Take the dog to your home - this was the statement said by Robert in Vakola (Mumbai) who crushed the dog under his car wheel to the eyewitness who asked the reason for rash driving 

on 16th February 2015, Salim Charania received a call from the area of Vakola (Mumbai) by Mrs. Anita & Milligreen who got in contact with salim with the help of Christinia Lobo Jha (an animal activist) that one arrogant and rude driver has crushed the dog under his wheel, they said that on 10th February 2015, the dog was relaxing near the society of Aniket Building  and the dog was staying there since 10 years, the owner of the car named Robert who is staying in the same society drove his car on the dog and injured him badly when the eyewitness approached him and asked him that why did he did that, he said that take the dog to your home if you are so worried and he drove further without any regret, Mrs. Milagreen admited the dog to the BSPCA hospital, where the doctors declared fractured on hind legs and Spinal cord.

Dog is struggling for his life in BSPCA Hospital, The eyewitness approach Salim on 16th February 2015, Salim reached to vakola Police Station with the evidence of medical reports, X- Ray and eyewitness and explained them about the animal cruelty. Meanwhile Vishama & sneha an animal activist also came to police station who is interested in learning filing fir cases.

The police team were sent with Salim to the spot and the panchnama and the investigation was done and it was again confirmed by watchman about the incident, the watchman said that he only removed the dog under the wheel of the car.

The local resident of the building gather at the spot and told us that the person is not carrying any good character in the society and he is repeated offender of animal cruelty, where before also he had crushed the dog, which was not complained in to the police station.

The fir is registered under IPC 429, IPC 279 and PCA Act, there will be soon arrest of him and will be produced to the court.

We will fight for the case in the court, the above laws has Jail term for more than 5 years.

I want to bring this notice to all animal abuser and rash driving people that we will not leave you till the judgement comes from the court. will make it sure that the accused will be soon announced as culprit and will rot in Jail.   


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