Saturday, 14 February 2015

Lady Booked for Animal Cruelty in Jogeshwari Police Station (Mumbai)

on 12th February 2015, Mr. Salim Charania (President of PAWA) received a call from Mrs. Usha Parmar that on 11th February 2015, late in the afternoon, she  heard the cry of the dog in pain, as she is not feeling well because of Arthritis, she took the time to see what happened with the dog, she didn't find any one there, later in the evening she checked the CCTV installed camera outside her house, in CCTV it is captured that her neighbour Mrs. Laxmi Ahir  chases the dog with her violent behaviour and with a stick publicly and take the dog till a deadend and hits the dog with the stick

Lata Parmar daughter of Mrs. Usha Parmar approached salim, he went to the spot in Jogeshwari east and investigated the cruelty, and took the evidence to the Jogeshwari East Police station with witness. 

The Duty officer API Yadav knows Salim very well as he had handled his animal cruelty case in Kurar police station as well. Salim explained the case to him, the cops were sent to the spot with lady police as well, as this time the accused is a women.

The accused Laxmi Ahir was brought to the police station and was booked under Maharashtra Police Act 119, with a fine of Rs 2500. Case no 113/15, Her husband tried a lot with his political influence but all got failed, In front of law everyone is equal. 

Laxmi Ahir denied her allegation and said that she had not hit the dog, and was also giving false statement to the police against dog that the dog has bite her children and was pouncing on them, later when we showed her clip, she was silent.

Animal Abuser has common reason to hit and kill the dog, most of the time they lie to the incident and put all blame on the dog as well as they kill them too. 

Since we are here we will see to it that no accused will be left free for animal cruelty cases. 

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