Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Life will be hell if anyone try to hurt dog and harass a women - Pawa India Salute Mumbai Police for Good Karma


On March 18 Midnight an animal lover in Mira road named Melodee Fernandes was feeding dogs, two drug addict men came on bike and stop the bike near the dogs, one of the drug addict asked his friend to pick up the stone and hit the dog, the another person named Nago (his bike No. MH02 AC 7817) he picked the stone and tried to hit the dog, Melodee try to stop them and were explaining them nicely not to hit dog, if you hit the dog the dog will get more aggressive, But they were not in a mood to understand and started verbally abusing Melodee, and threaten her that they will kill all the dog and her husband as well. Melodee called Salim Charania at 12:30 Midnight and narrated the incident, salim reached the spot in 5 minutes, by the time these goons run away, salim and melodee's husband Pascal Pereira started searching them on bike after, 15 minutes of search they were found on the same spot where they tried to hit the dog, salim confront them and asked them the reason for abusing woman and attempt to hit the dog, the heated argument began, one of the goon went & called their more friends for fight, Salim in return called the police from Kanakya Police Station, Police arrived at the spot, the goons started calling Melodee as sister and said that we did not do anything, Salim asked melodee to complain in police station against them, and went to the police station for complain and narrated the incident to the duty officer, Salim asked the Duty officer to call them now in to the police station and make them understand the law,

Police team were sent on the spot, One of the goon who try to pick up the stone to hit dog was caught and was brought to the Police Station, I will not say openly but Pawa India Really salutes to Mumbai police because that goon got a very good taste of vitamins by police in Police Station, I hope he will remember this scary night and will not insult any women or try to hit the dog.

Complaint is registered against them.

Melodee Fernandis and her husband Pascal Pereira have taken a strong stand against animal abuse and women harassment, Pawa India and Police were only able to help them because of their strong will power.          

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