Thursday, 16 April 2015

Accused of Bandra dog run over case gets expose, Mumbai

On Wednesday 15th April 2015, Salim, manisha and arbaaz went to bandra hill road police station and gave a written complaint to ACP office and Bandra police station to take action against Beat Marshall Cop named shinde who is one of the witness of the crime that is shown in cctv camera, in front of whom the crime took place and he acted irresponsibly , amounted police negligence and shed off his duty by showing insensitivity towards the case.we are waiting for the higher authority to takes action against police shinde.

Salim also collected the cctv footage of beach view society in which the face of the culprit is seen clearly. He is young and a visitor of Mr.anjan das, who resides in 602 in the same building. We submitted the cctv footage in bandra hill road police station and our expectation is that police nabs and arrest the culprit soon with the help of cctv footage.

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