Thursday, 2 April 2015

FIR Filed on Doctor's Driver for running over dog in Borivali, MHB POLICE STATION, MUMBAI

On 1st April 2015, Salim Charania president of PAWA, received a distress call from Miss louella rebello who got reference of Salim from Tarunesh of WFA, she narrated the incident that the dog was being run over by car on 31/03/2015. it is captured in CCTV Footage 

When she & her friend Edwin Sequeira  who is the chairman of the society where the accident took place confronted and asked the owner of the vehicle  who is the Doctor by profession named Valerian Agera said " I would have done the same thing what driver did, I have hit the dog while going, I would have left the dog in pain because it's not human being, it's just a stray dog, if the animals comes on my way, I will run over it, if I am busy. it's OK to run over animal and I am here to save life of human being not animal" 

Salim asked louella & Edwin to reach MHB Police Station with evidence in Borivali, Salim and the other animal activist also join him in to the Police Station. Salim has previously filed 3 FIRS for animal cruelty in same police station.

Salim explained the Police duty officer about the incident and took him to the spot in his ANTI - CRUELTY ANIMAL AMBULANCE  where the dog met an accident, the Panchnama was carried out and the Fir was registered against the Vehicle driver (CAR NO. MH02 DW4968) under IPC ACT 428, IPC 279 and PCA ACT Section 11. The arrest will be made soon. 

We are very thankful & Salute Mumbai POLICE for their full support like an animal activist for the animal cruelty cases. Mumbai Police has good sympathy for animals. 

We have got the supportive & evidence of the crime committed, We hope that the court Judge  will give good judgement with Prison Punishment

Our Animal Activist who helped us in the case : Harsh Shah, Manisha, Nisha Jain, & Rajdeep Desai




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