Friday, 24 April 2015

Pawa India rescued puppies from Inhuman Society people, Fir registered - Bhayander, Mumbai

On 23rd April 2015, Salim Charania (president of Pawa India) received a panic call from Mrs. Leena Mehta an animal lover resident of May Flower CHS near Dipak Hospital, Bhayander. She said that a few people from her society were trying to catch puppies to dump them at an unknown place. She tried to stop them, but she got a rude answer from society people: "Don't try to stop us, just shut up and that's none of your business". She tried hard again to stop them but couldn't because of their aggressive behaviour. They got hold of 3 puppies and took them by their personal Vehicle No : MH02 BP9848 & threw them at an unknown place. 

On hearing this, Salim and his officially working staff (Arbaaz shaikh) rushed to the spot  in their Anti - Animal Cruelty Van in 10 mins, they confronted society people, accused - Amaya Shahpurkar & his father, Asha Naidu & watchman Ramesh, they accepted their crime and gave foolish excuses for relocation of puppies. 

Salim warned them and gave them a half hour time to get the puppies back to the society or else he would file FIR. Meanwhile Salim asked Leena to come with him to police station & later Pinky another animal lover also joined them. The police backup team were sent with Salim to get the accused to the Police Station. Before Salim reached the spot, "the society people got all the puppies back" . The accused were presented to the Navghar Police Station.

The accused presented the copies of complaint letter given to Municipal Corporation, but it does not mean that they will take law in the hands, Salim explained to police : Again "Majority is not the Authority". A few people from the society came to support the accused, but all were removed out. Salim showed relevant sections regarding animal cruelty to duty officer and the fir is registered Under "Maharashtra Police Act 119 : Rs 2500 Fine each person or Jail Term up to 1 month or Both and Section : Prevention to cruelty to animals act section 11". 

On 24/4/2015, Police came to society and investigated the case with eyewitness statements, soon the accused will be presented to the Thane Court and will hear the verdict. 

Pawa India will not tolerate any cruel activities towards animals, and will see to it that the animal abuser gets maximum penalty and punishment.



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